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Bug Cinema USA – An ecological forest art project

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Bug Cinema’s work-in-progress is located in the Siuslaw Model Forest, from 25 June to 9 July

Bug Cinema is a new ecological forest art commission for the Whale Oil to Whole Foods summer eco-arts festival in Greene County (Hudson Valley), on the edge of the Catskill Mountains, upper New York State. The eco-arts festival consists of a large group exhibition, site specific artworks, and accompanying public events in June/July 2012. Manifest through a collaboration between Greene County Arts and the Cornell Agroforestry Centre, it is curated by eco-artist Christy Rupp and GCCA Catskill Gallery Director, Fawn Potash.

Bug Cinema is revealed to the forest as a portable ‘glow-lab’ ultraviolet solar light sculpture: a trans-disciplinary hybrid of art/entomology and functions as an integrated, collaborative inter-species ‘social-sculpture’ and biodiversity research project. Essentially, this sculpture embodies a distinctive minimalist aesthetic, playfully combined with a desire to facilitate the observation of moth species living in the forest. Bug Cinema transforms areas of the forest into a film/theatre-like staging of light and shadow, subsequently becoming a social space for moths, humans and other wildlife, through which the ‘performance of life’ is played out.

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ecoLOGIC closes Saturday 2/28/2009

Cypress College Gallery Director and artist Paul Paiement states, “the show has been well attended with repeat visitors who actually spend time looking at and asking questions about the installations.” Don’t we love that! In the twenty days the show has been open to the public (those are gallery days open), they estimate that 1,500 visitors have come to see the show (and this is a 2,500 square foot gallery located 30 miles south of downtown LA). We are very please with responses by faculty and administrators who are impressed that the work is not all object based, that there is an architect and landscape designer included, and that the artists are seeking to convey messages and get people to think about the world beyond the art itself.

Many hours have been spent updating the blog for ecoLOGIC during the show with information on related lectures/panels/exhibitions/links and we would like to direct our ecoartspace blog followers to check it out at

If your in Los Angeles this weekend, this is your last chance to see the show.
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