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Scenic Designer David F. Weiner and Artistic Director Seema Sueko will be speaking — via skype — at the LDI Green Day Conference on Thursday, November 19 in Orlando, Florida. They’ll share the lastest versions of Mo`olelo’s Green Theater Choices Scorecards. You can read about the conference here: http://www.ldishow.com/LDI09/Public/Content.aspx?ID=1009691

You can download the latest Green Theater Choices Scorecards here: http://www.tcg.org/pdfs/events/fallforum/Scorecards_for_TCG_Fall_Forum.pd

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Mo`olelo’s Artistic Director, Seema Sueko, is heading to New York this weekend to participate in TCG’s (Theatre Communication Group’s) Fall Forum! She’ll be speaking at a breakout session called “The Green Opportunity” at 2:30 PM on Saturday, Nov 7, where she’ll talk about Mo`olelo’s greening initiative and share the latest versions of the Green Theater Choices Toolkit and Scorecards. Her co-panelists are Charlie Deull of Clark Transfer and Broadway Green Alliance, Seth Greenleaf of GFour Productions, and Susan Medak of Berkeley Repertory Theatre. They are all doing amazing working in greening the theater industry. If you’ll be in New York, come to the Fall Forum. Details and info here: http://tcg.org/events/fallforum/2009/index.cfm

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