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by Brian Andrews

On the weekend of November 13 and 14, a cabal of chefs, scientists, artists, and aesthetes gathered to find connections between their disparate fields as their interests overlapped within the tidelands of the San F rancisco Bay. The event was OPENwater, the most recent incarnation of OPENrestaurant, a collaboration of restaurant professionals Stacie Pierce, Jerome Waag, and Sam White, all of Chez Panisse. In collaboration with SFMOMA, the OPENresturant projects endeavor to bring cooking and its associated local environmental concerns into art spaces in order to invite a shift in the language and meanings surrounding their gustatory preparations.

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A High Desert Test Sites Lecture & Workshop Series

Saturday May 1st-Sunday May 2nd 2010

2-Day Workshop in Joshua Tree, 12 students, $120 fee

The New Everyday Live is an endeavor designed to both stimulate conversation and catalyze action by considering overlap between contemporary art and craft, sustainable living, survival skills, ecology and earth science, and cultural variation. Each participant in The New Everyday Life will leave with a new set of skills and inspirations, after intimately experiencing the Mojave desert’s unique context for life and living.

Only a few spots left as of 4/21. Email info.hdts@gmail.com

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APInews: Vertical Gardens Extended at Exit Art

 Exit Art in New York City has extended the run of an interesting show: “Vertical Gardens,” a project of Papo Colo’s SEA (Social-Environmental Aesthetics). Extended through June 6, 2009, “Vertical Gardens” is an exhibition of architectural models, renderings, drawings, photographs and ephemera that depict or imagine a vertical farm, urban garden or green roof. It features over 20 projects, both imaginary and real, by artists and architects that envision solutions for building greener urban environments. Special events have included talks by public-health scientist Dickson D. Despommier, founding director of the Vertical Farm Project; and SITE Founder James Wines on ways to meet the demands of economic crisis, energy efficiency and sustainable design without a loss of aesthetic quality; plus poetry readings and composting workshops. SEA is an endeavor that presents a diverse multimedia exhibition program and permanent archive of artworks that address social and environmental concerns. [LINK]

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