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I-Park 2013 Artists-in-Residence Program Application

Screen-Shot-2012-12-02-at-6.37.05-PMApplication Deadline for Visual Arts, Music Composition/Sound Sculpture, Creative Writing, Moving Image: February 18, 2013

Application Deadline for Environmental Art, Landscape/Garden Design, Architecture: April 1, 2013

Self-directed, multi-disciplinary artists’ residencies will be offered from May through November 2013. Most sessions are 4-weeks in duration and are offered to those working in the Visual Arts, Music Composition/Sound Sculpture, Architecture, Creative Writing, Moving Image and Landscape/Garden Design. There is also a special Environmental Art Program in 2013.

Except for the $30 application fee, the residency is offered at no cost to accepted artists and includes comfortable private living quarters, a private studio and meal program. International applicants are welcome. To defray the cost of travel, four $750 grants will be awarded in 2013 to non-North American artists.

For details and to apply, visit Contact: or 860-873-2468.



/adaptations/ 2012 Call for Entries

This exhibition is open to proposals from all fields of design including industrial design, fashion design, interior design, graphic design, architecture, fabrication, engineering, and information technology. We are looking for innovative approaches which reflect the future of design through sustainable, emergent and regenerative systems, particularly those which are informed by biological and natural processes.

Adaptation refers to the ability of an organism to survive in a particular setting or milieu, through alterations of structure, physical form and/or behavior, operating through a process of natural selection. Similarly, design ingenuity, the creation and articulation of new technologies, is a human expression of adaptation.

Patterns of global consumption, resource depletion, and pollution have rendered many of our current modes of design and production insufficient or harmful to our existence. Innovative solutions to these issues are essential and as they emerge, they collectively influence and integrate the fields of design, fabrication, and information technology to bring us back into balance with our planet.

/adaptations/ is an exhibition to showcase leading developments in sustainable, emergent, and regenerative systems, particularly those which are informed by biological and natural processes. The exhibition is curated by Ginni Stiles, as part of DesignPhiladelphia 2012.

/adaptations/ will be installed in indoor and outdoor galleries at  Provenance Architecturals, located in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia.

October 10 – 20, 2012
Provenance Architecturals
912 Canal Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Deadline: August 1, 2012

Proposal Submission:

Please email a .pdf file (max 5MB) which includes:

  • a description/narrative of the work including any specific display requirements (max. 200 words)
  • 3 to 5 images
  • bio(s) or company information (max. 200 words)
  • Supporting links for reference may be included in the body of the email but may not substitute for the information requested in the Proposal document.

Email for Submissions:

For more information and inquiries please contact

DesignPhiladelphia, in partnership with University of the Arts, now in its eighth year, is a nationally recognized, city-wide design festival that celebrates Philadelphia as a center for creative advancement, drawing from broad range of design disciplines.

Ginni Stiles is an interior designer and craft artisan who specializes in the reuse of salvage materials. She is currently designing the renovation of several Philadelphia row houses and organizing the non-profit initiative Arcadia Commons. Previously, she worked at Greensaw Design & Build, where she was the lead designer and one of the fabricators for the “Reclaimed Kitchen” episode of House Crashers, and at Onion Flats, where she assisted with the construction administration of green roof, storm water management, and solar pv projects.

RSA Arts & Ecology – Residencies | Bengal Eco Art Rally

BEAR Residency Program
Bengal Eco Art Rally

Application Deadline: February 20, 2010

14 x 2-weeks and 4-weeks residencies for the following disciplines:

• environmental art • landscape/garden design • architecture – Selected artists will be offered travel and subsistence cost

The program is exclusive to UK based artists

From BEAR:

We offer a multi-disciplinary residency program for UK and Indian artists to conceive and execute new ideas and to work on BEAR projected activities with site-specific responses to the rich natural environment of Sunderbans .

The working environment in Sunderbans is intended to be conducive to the creative process and the program is designed to foster a collegial atmosphere and sense of community among the participating artists.

BEAR programme aims to host UK 14 artists for 4-week residencies from May through November 2009. and from Jan to July 2010 – We provide each artist with comfortable living quarters in Sunderbans

BEAR is primarily designed to support artists in the following disciplines: eco-arts, landscape and garden design and architecture. While we are open to consideration of other more specialized disciplines, as a general rule we focus on the creative phase of the artistic process.

Participation in the residency program is primarily determined by a competitive selection process that follows an open call to artists. Applications are evaluated by separate, balanced, rotating juries in the following fields:

• environmental art
• landscape/garden design
• architecture 

The residency program has a modest invitation element as well. Artists whose work is held in particularly high regard by selection committee members and staff as well as those artists proposing projects of special/strategic significance for BEAR vision are invited to participate alongside and on the same terms as those offered residencies by virtue of the jury system.

BEAR selections are based on the strength of the artist’s existing body of work, the perceived importance of the creative project(s) being proposed by the artist for his/her residency and an evaluation of the likelihood of the artist achieving success and satisfaction in Sunderbans environment. We enthusiastically welcome candidates from varying backgrounds, with varying belief systems and of differing age groups.

If you are interested in taking part, please send your project proposal to