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The Sustainability Review: Call for Submissions for Video Articles (SciVOs)

logoThe Sustainability Review (TSR) is seeking submissions for its Spring 2014 issue. TSR is an online, open-access journal edited and published by graduate students at Arizona State University and hosted by the School of Sustainability. TSR features original research, opinion, and art pieces on the topic of sustainability.

The Spring 2014 issue will feature publications in the journal’s new video format: the “SciVO,” a short (7-10 minute) video that is transparent and educational while adhering to standards of scientific rigor and academic excellence. Submissions should be in the format of a script for a SciVO, NOT a finished video. If your script is accepted for publication, the TSR editing staff will work with you to produce your SciVO. Please review the submission guidelines at

Submissions for this issue will be accepted until December 31, 2013 and will be published starting March 2014.

The Sustainability Review’s 2012 Spring Issue

The Spring issue of The Sustainability Review (TSR) is now available for you to peruse at TSR is an online journal edited and published by graduate students at Arizona State University and hosted by the university’s School of Sustainability.

Current Publications

Opinion: Sonatas for Sustainability: How Musical Training Imparts Important Qualities and Skills for Sustainability by Chrissie Bausch

Feature: New Moral Problems and New Approaches: Millennials Compared to Baby Boomers and Generation X by Jathan Sadowski, Thomas P. Seager, and Evan Selinger

We will publish a variety of art, feature, research and opinion pieces in a rolling format over the next two weeks. We urge you to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for updated content. We look forward to your comments – enjoy!


The 2011-2012 Editorial Staff

P.S. For those of you in Tempe, we hope you will join us for our year-end event tomorrow afternoon (4/17): Seeds for Conversation: Land-Use Change in Art and Sustainability.

Call for Submissions – The Sustainability Review’s Final Issue of the School Year (March 27)

The Sustainability Review (TSR) [], an online sustainability journal, is seeking submissions for its last issue of year, Spring 2012. TSR facilitates sustainability dialogue through four sections: art, opinion, features, and research.  We are an online journal edited and published by graduate students at Arizona State University and hosted by the university’s School of Sustainability.

Our publication welcomes short pieces that integrate environment, society, and economy to explore a better way forward for humankind. Please review the guidelines for word limits:

Submissions for this issue will be accepted until March 27, 2012 and will be published starting April 16, 2012. We look forward to hearing from you over the coming weeks.

APInews: Indigenous Voices Intervene in Arizona

A Piipaash song cycle and dance recently filled the Arizona State University Art Museums Ceramics Research Center during an intervention by Postcommodity, an interdisciplinary indigenous artists collective. Postcommoditys installation, “Do You Remember When,” is part of the museums exhibition “Defining Sustainability,” August 28-November 28. The artists cut a square hole in the gallery floor, exposing the earth beneath the institution, and displaying the block of removed concrete, standing upright, on a pedestal. Its “a spiritual, cultural and physical portal,” say the artists, contradicting the rigid Western scientific world view of our environment. Postcommoditys Kade Twist Cherokee makes it clear that the piece was a collaboration with the museum – not the university. The show parallels ASUs October global sustainability conference. “Sustainability has become an academic gold rush; its been turned into a commodity,” Twist told the Phoenix New Times 8/30/09. “The university is having this discourse without including any indigenous people in it.”

via APInews: Indigenous Voices Intervene in Arizona .