Fringe Sustainable Practice Award Methodology

Productions will be awarded points out of a total of 100, along the following lines:

Artistic quality

Up to 20 points (with no production scoring less than 13 points being eligible for the award) – The Sustainable Practice Award is essentially an award for sustainable practice and there are other schemes that recognise artistic excellence, but a poor production does not forward the sustainability movement, no matter how worthy. This is to be assessed by the Reviewers attending the performance, with any publicly available reviews being used for additional information by the final review panel.

Relevance and expression of sustainability themes

Up to 40 points. This is to be assessed by the Reviewers attending the performance with additional information from the survey and any publicly available reviews used where relevant

Sustainable practice

Up to 40 points. This is to be assessed through the survey, with confirmation and additional information from the Reviewers attending the performance.

Guidance on how we make the decision

The Sustainable Practice Award aims to reward and publicise existing good practice and encourage companies to adopt sustainable approaches to making work. We understand that we are comparing very different companies and productions working in very different circumstances, so intention and mindfulness are as important as achievement. Our panel of survey reviewers and performance reviewers will therefore be asked to consider whether the responses to survey questions and the practical application of sustainability thinking in making the work is:

  • Intentional and considered
  • Thought through and consistent across the company and production
  • Informed and knowledgeable
  • Commensurate with the size and nature of the company (the larger and richer the company, the greater the expected effort and rigour)
  • Successful in achieving the desired outcomes.


When we use the word Sustainability we are referring to a broad conception of sustainability encapsulated by the ‘triple bottom line’ which considers the environmental, social and financial sustainability of a project or entity.

You should use this information in answering the survey questions

Thanks for your participation!

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