Opportunity: Developing Edinburgh’s SPRINGBOARD network

We’re looking for proposals to bring together the sustainable arts and culture community of Edinburgh with local climate and community partners to develop relationships that lead to local action addressing the climate emergency. 

Creative Carbon Scotland’s Green Arts Initiative brings together more than 350 cultural organisations across Scotland who are committed to addressing the climate emergency. Members do this through understanding and reducing their environmental impact, adapting to climate change impacts, and working with their influence across the sector and among their audiences and participants.

Our related SPRINGBOARD local assemblies for creative climate action bring these organisations together with climate and community partners to share and work towards addressing specific climate challenges in their areas.

Seeking a partner cultural organisation

Thanks to support from the City of Edinburgh Council, and following the Edinburgh SPRINGBOARD local assembly held in November 2022, we’re seeking a partner cultural organisation within Edinburgh to lead on developing the emerging citywide SPRINGBOARD network with the curation and delivery of activities to be held throughout 2023-24 to consolidate the network’s collaboration for action. For example, this might include a small number of gatherings to connect cultural organisations with climate and community players to build relationships and share knowledge in such a way that Edinburgh’s cultural organisations and artists develop their skills and capacity to address the climate emergency.

We can offer £1800 and some support in kind around promotion and communication for this work as well as support for connections with climate partners. There is an opportunity to collaborate with Edinburgh Climate Action Network (part of Scottish Communities Climate Action Network) to reach and work with community partners and we can support directly with climate contacts where useful. Climate justice and by extension equality, diversity and inclusion are important themes in our work so we’re keen to work with a partner who can demonstrate similar priorities within their plans, ensuring the diversity and breadth of Edinburgh’s cultural scene is both represented and considered in the planned gatherings. We would also draw attention to our Safe Working Statement, which we expect any proposed activities to use.

We expect this opportunity to appeal to an Edinburgh-based cultural organisation or potentially a freelancer with capacity and contacts to organise and develop a network.

SPRINGBOARD local assemblies aim to optimise collaboration for creative climate action, building networks to share knowledge and skills that enable culture to play its part in the wider shift to a just and green future for all.

How to apply

Please provide expressions of interest via attachment to an email to Caro.Overy@creativecarbonscotland.com covering the following points by Monday 5 June at 5pm:

  • What your organisation, if successful, plans to do with the funds and how this will achieve greater collaboration across culture, climate and community for creative climate action in Edinburgh (500 words).
  • An overview of your organisation’s existing capacity and knowledge related to creative climate action and what beneficial experience you would bring to this activity (300 words).
  • The impact you expect your proposed activity to achieve and how you’ll demonstrate it at the end of the work (300 words).
  • A brief example of your experience in handling and reporting on projects to satisfactory completion, demonstrating your organisation’s capability and capacity to do so. (250 words)

Creative Carbon Scotland will work with Edinburgh Climate Action Network and City of Edinburgh Council to review expressions of interest with proposed activities that will achieve the desired impact from applicants with the capacity to deliver. Applicants can expect to hear from us by Friday 23 June 2023.

Any questions?

Please contact Green Arts Manager, Caro Overy: caro.overy@creativecarbonscotland.com.

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