Opportunity: John Muir Open – In Our Hands

Where do books go?
Can you recycle, up-cycle or repurpose unwanted books?

The future can be in our hands
In the beginning was the word. The invention of the Guttenberg press spread the word and was a catalyst for change and scientific progress.

The books we read hold their own social history between the pages. Books develop our intellect, inform and inspire, they hold special meaning and some are precious to us.

But what now for the book?

Not to be too sentimental but are books to become just an expected casualty of modern technology, to be pulped or become just another filler of our landfill sites? It is a terrifying statistic that thousands of unsold books are destroyed each year. Bookshelves throughout the country are groaning with books that are unread but too cherished to be discarded.

Where do books go?

Can you recycle, up-cycle or repurpose the books we no longer want to tell new green stories? We want this exhibition to be about the books that are in one form or another a continuing part of our lives and sustainability.

How does a book feel in your hands?

Does it have the power to take you to another place?
Is it the words that excite you or are you inspired to create visual images, three dimensional works or performance?
The future is in your hands.


Newly made or existing artworks/words/video can be submitted for exhibition/performance by: 12.00noon Monday 8 May 2023.

Up to £150 is available to exhibited artists to go towards materials and expenses.

The exhibition takes place at The Town House Museum & Gallery Dunbar Main Street throughout June 2023. Installation in late May.

If you have any questions or if you can offer sustainable workshops around the theme, please get in touch with us: contact.northlightarts@gmail.com.

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