Arts and Culture at COP26 report released

We’ve released a new report exploring the roles of arts and culture around COP26, the United Nations climate conference held in Glasgow in November 2021. The report explores why COPs provide a special context for arts and culture to work in, provides detailed case studies of some representative projects, and offers tips and advice. 

Read the report here

COP26, which took place in Glasgow 2021, saw an outpouring of the artistic and cultural activity that has come to accompany these global climate conferences. The confluence of arts projects has become integral to how a COP is represented, not only in the media, but on the streets, in the buildings, and over the landscapes of the host country. COP can provide a unique opportunity for artists and cultural organisations to make new work, extend existing practices and engage new audiences.

This report was created by Lewis Coenen-Rowe, culture/SHIFT Producer at Creative Carbon Scotland, and researcher and artist Wallace Heim. It was commissioned by CreaTures (Creative Practices for Transformational Futures), a project investigating the power of creative practices to move the world towards socio-ecological sustainability, and designed by Savannah Vize.

Clockwise from top left: A still from the film ‘The Fifth Giant (or What Would You Do?)’, credit: Regina Mosch; A panel from the Stitches for Survival project, credit: Stitches for Survival; The Oi Musica core band, credit: Heather Longwell; The Sustainable Glasgow Landing Hub, credit: New Practice.

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