Music video launch: WATER MUSIC source to sea

Sequoia string duo launch two new music/environmental videos created by filmmaker Monika Smekot

As part of their WATER MUSIC source to sea project, string duo Sequoia and filmmaker Monika Smekot have collaborated to create two music videos inspired by the River Clyde pathway.

Clota’s Song features music and text by Lisa Robertson and highlights the theme of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Upstream Battle campaign: stopping marine litter at source. The film considers our relationship with the Clyde from past to present through the eyes of mythological Celtic river goddess, Clōta.

End of Rain/Clear Sky incorporates two tunes by Ayrshire fiddler Alastair Savage inspired by the view looking across from Ardrossan to the Isle of Arran. Created in association with the Community of Arran Seabed Trust and environmental coalition Save Scottish Seas, the film celebrates life above and below the water, and the successful restoration of a kaleidoscopic kingdom of sea-life in Lamlash Bay; Scotland’s first community-led marine protected area.

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