Entanglement project in 6 continents

Artist: Alessandro Zannier

Cameroon Pavilion – 59th International Art Exhibition of Venice
International conference


59th International Art Exhibition of Venice 

Cameroun Pavilion – Palazzo Ca’ Bernardo Molon, San Polo 20186 – Venice

On Friday 1st July 2022

Start at 18.00 – End at 19.15

– Talk 30 minutes

– Performance 30 minutes

Free entrance

Conceived as an information and performative conference, the event includes a talk where Alessandro Zannier and his curatorial management are presenting the scientific, artistic, philosophical and divulging relevance of “ENT” project, taking stock of this suggestive operation that provides 6 twinning with some remote places, one per each continent. 

The meeting with the artist and the performance by the Ottodix Ensemble, that will be taking place in presence of the lighting installation “ENT2 Venice/Yaoundé” in front of a limited audience composed of viewers and insiders, are being moderated and translated into English by Francesca Sabatini in the theatre and videorecorded to be distributed by a press release to newspapers and trade magazines, as well as TV channels and thematic websites later on.

The “ENT” project

Alessandro Zannier’s “ENT” project, one of a kind, has intercepted two Venice Biennales of Arts in a row in the last two years. 

After the participation in his double role as visual artist and musician-performer to the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2021 (“Resilient Communities” Pavilion Italy) with “ENT1 – Venice/Auckland” in connection with the twin installation sent to the antipodal Auckland University (NZ), Alessandro Zannier created the second twinning, this one with the African continent, crossing Venice’s environmental data with Cameroun’s ones.

Based on his seventh concept album “Entanglement” subjects (signed under his musical alias”Ottodix”), the project aims at talking some sense on the definitive link between single local phenomena on a global scale, with a cause-and-effect on the whole system.

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