Montemero Art Residency – Rural art residency

Montemero Art Residency is an organization dedicated to sustainable ecology and alternative art production, and pursuing to provide a substantial experience and a network to the artists who are interested in these topics. Our inspiration drives from our local surroundings as well as people we’ve met while working on this project, and we’d like to add to that more.The program offers a fully-equipped printmaking studio, and other open spaces that are suitable for a variety of creative practices. Being located on a biological reserve near the Tabernas Desert, the location offers a unique perspective that aims to cultivate a personal connection with nature and how it functions, while further expanding the idea of eco-living.

Throughout the program, participating artists will have a chance to incorporate new mediums and disciplines into their practice. Salvaged materials in the scrap yard will be open to artists’ creation and interpretation. This process will be supported by weekly online/video chat feedback sessions, individual portfolio reviews, and brainstorming sessions with our curator.

Residency will take place from June to December for 1 to 3 month stays.

Application deadline: 30.04.2022


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