Seeking proposals for art-climate-science collaborations

Due April 1, 2021

Submission Webform/Details below. Please use that for proposals.

Broto: Art-Climate-Science is an emerging art-sci collaboration conference and community pointed at successful climate endgames. The transdisciplinary organization is asking for proposals for a single paid collaboration team. Each team must include at least one of each of the following — artist, scientist and observer — who will work together on a new project to test our Collaboration Blueprint

Broto has evolved as a unique opportunity for artists and scientists to collaborate in substantive, real-time, mutual and credible processes without the burden of outcome. The Broto inspiration is to add into the collaboration an “observer” role — the collaborator tasked with communicating, synthesising and mainstreaming the findings of the collaboration. In this model, artists and observers are equal to scientists in their contributions, sharing knowledge, co-creating innovations and experimenting freely. 

Applications will be vetted by art-sci peers and the selected team will:

  1. Test the model for strengths, weaknesses and improvements, 
  2. Be documented as they move through their process and 
  3. Communicate their experiences in a forthcoming Broto conference panel. 
    The collaboration period is up to one year and budgets and stipends, inclusive, will be capped at $5,000.

Submissions via the submission form HERE. Details include project team, scope, goals, timeline and use of funds. 

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