Opportunity: Tiny plays for a brighter future

A 600-word tiny play challenge from Fishamble & ESB about what a brighter energy future means to you.

​ESB has joined forces with Fishamble: The New Play Company to set a challenge for the Irish public, and anyone who feels they have a 600-word play in them, to capture what a brighter future means for people living in communities across Ireland.

For ESB, a brighter future starts with a low carbon future, powered by clean electricity. One where air quality is better, energy is sustainable and affordable, communities are thriving and where the future of the planet is safe. With Ireland’s electricity system on a pathway to be carbon free within a generation, and with the growing adoption of electric cars, electric heat pumps and smart home devices, electricity will be a transformative force in the fight against climate change.

Tiny plays for a brighter future is an opportunity to give creative expression to all points of view in the transition to a low carbon energy future: to look at the choices we all must make to meet our future climate goals, examine how those choices will impact communities across Ireland, and imagine what we want the Ireland of our future to be, through 600-word tiny plays.

Submissions deadline is 5pm Irish Time, Monday 1st March 2021.

A maximum of two entries per person can be submitted.

​Writers of shortlisted entries will be paid €200 each to have their plays published online, and three chosen writers will be paid a further commissioning fee of €800 (so a total of €1,000) to have their play brought to life by Fishamble, who will produce and film multimedia pieces that will be shared online.

This call-out is open to all residents on the island of Ireland, and Irish abroad (with the exception of Fishamble & ESB staff). In all of its work, Fishamble seeks to tell the story of Ireland, and to engage with a wide range of communities, through discovering, developing and producing plays by Irish writers, and writers living on the island of Ireland. It aims to reflect contemporary Ireland through bringing a diverse range of voices to the stage, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, civil or family status, religion, age, or socio-economic background.

Fishamble actively encourages submissions from underrepresented and marginalised voices including, but not limited to, people who identify as: BIPOC, members of the traveller community, neurodivergent people, LGBTQI+ , migrants, and people with disabilities. People of all ages can send in their 600-word tiny play.

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In 2011 we worked with partners Festivals Edinburgh, the Federation of Scottish Threatre and Scottish Contemporary Art Network to support over thirty arts organisations to operate more sustainably.

We are now building on these achievements and working with over 70 cultural organisations across Scotland in various key areas including carbon management, behavioural change and advocacy for sustainable practice in the arts.

Our work with cultural organisations is the first step towards a wider change. Cultural organisations can influence public behaviour and attitudes about climate change through:

Changing their own behaviour;
Communicating with their audiences;
Engaging the public’s emotions, values and ideas.

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