Come to the Table

On Sunday 16 February 2020 starting at 5 PM Spatula&Barcode will host the first of four dinner conversations about Generosity in the Rowland Gallery of the Chazen Museum (University of Wisconsin campus in Madison). As part of our project Come to the Table, we will discuss the theme of Care with the following guests:

Adam Rindfleisch

Anne Basting

Annie Menzel

Darcy Padilla

Chris Garlough

James McMaster

Katherine Alcauskas

Seats at the table are limited to the above list of invited conversants but the public is welcome in the gallery to witness the event.

Upcoming conversations:

 8 March, 5 PM, Hospitality
29 March, 5 PM, Philanthropy
26 April, 5 PM, Refuge

(Top Photo: Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson’s family dinner table in the museum with The Last Supper I and The Last Supper II by Faisal Abdu’Allah and Kofi Allen)

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