Energy Renaissance: A Visionary Partnership between Technology, Science and Culture

Cape Farewell, cultural producers Shrinking Space, and pioneering Virtual Reality & Immersive Content studioHammerhead VR, have teamed up with the Environmental Research Group at King’s College London, to create an immersive Virtual Reality experience for Utopia, at Somerset House in October 2016.

This experience will allow visitors to virtually interact with the physical environment of The Strand – the busy area surrounding Somerset House. Through the implementation of behavioural, scientific and technological changes, individuals will transform and de-carbonise their city into a greener, more peaceful neighbourhood, that no longer poses a threat to health nor contributes to climate change.

Across the world, scientists, environmentalists and entrepreneurs are taking up the challenge of pollution and climate change – carbon neutral urban environments are easily achievable – the Energy Renaissance project places individuals at the centre of London’s evolution, where their actions form vital steps towards this feasible, safer and healthier post-carbon urban future.

The project draws on gaming, immersive theatre, and stunning graphics to create a visceral experience, not one set in a fictional future but one that is inspired and informed by present day reality.

About Utopia:

Energy Renaissance is part of Utopia 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility. Utopia 2016 is a collaboration between three neighbours: Somerset House, King’s College London and The Courtauld Institute of Art, in partnership with The British Library, the AHRC, and the British Council. The London School of Economics will also engage many of the 300 plus creative organisations, artists and makers resident at Somerset House.

Full details will be available at

More about Energy Renaissance:

Energy Renaissance is a varied ongoing programme that brings together the world’s best expert informers and creatives, to develop informed blueprints of what a carbon neutral society would look like.

Technological and economic change cannot exist without public approval, excitement and engagement. Cape Farewell collaborates closely with varied partners to engage the public through dialogue, education, exhibitions, workshops, social media and video.

Included projects:

Tidal Lagoon – We are the cultural partner to the Swansea Tidal Lagoon project – a 250MW power plant that will produce 120 years of clean energy, granted planning permission in July 2015. Cape Farewell is responsible for the commissioning and management of the world’s first ‘Tidal Lagoon Sculpture Park’ ready for launch in 2021. Visitors will explore, enjoy and embrace the beauty, possibilities and benefits of clean energy through the 9 surrounding, monumental, educational art works produced as part of Energy Renaissance.

Earth Can You Hear Us – We also partnered with 100% renewable energy company Good Energy to build an engagement programme promoting the switch to renewables with the general public, leading to ‘Earth Can You Hear Us’ – a major event as part of our Global Climate Festival,ArtCop21.

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