Prague Quadrennial 2015 is going to present world-class theatre masters!

Prague Quadrennial, the world´s largest scenography event, is coming with a rich program filled not only with exhibitions from more than 70 countries and up-to-date theater design works, but also hundreds of live events such as lectures, workshops, architecture walks, public space projects and much more! PQ’15 has recently announced its preliminary daily program with star-filled lectures and master classes.

“The PQ will include lectures, discussions, and presentations that explore contemporary trends in this fast developing field of scenography including a series of talks with and about leading theater makers and scenographers – Andris Freibergs, Jerzy Gurawski, Robert Wilson, Robert Lepage, Julie Taymor and many more,“ says Sodja Lotker, artistic director of PQ’15 .

PQ will also offer discussions about issues of ‘national scenography’ led by Irish theatre critic Peter Crawley; and discussion about methods of scenographic education around the world with educators Tatjana Dadić Dinulović and Sofia Pantouvaki.

There will be talks with Stefan Kaegi from Rimini Protokoll, Sean Patten from Gob Squad, and Maaike Bleeker, curated by New Zealand designer and theorist Dorita Hannah that will explore screens and projection as important tools in contemporary performance. Lectures by Polish artist Wojtek Ziemilski, Australian architect and dramaturg Benedict Anderson, and British art activist John Jordan will explore the position of artists in contemporary society, touching on the main PQ concept of scenography of the” SharedSpace”. The morning Breakfast with Reija series moderated by Finnish performance designer Reija Hirvikoski will provide an open lounge space for scenography talks often directly connected to issues about the PQ itself.

Elevator Repair Service’s John Collins will talk about sound design dramaturgy. There will also be discussions and talks surrounding the Library of Light and Critical Costume projects that will provide spaces for detailed exploration of individual scenographic disciplines.

Last but not least, the leading German contemporary theatre magazine, Theatre der Zeit will tackle the specificities of German scenography with set designers Barbara Ehnes, Katrin Brack, Mark Lammert and theorist Ulrike Haß.

Download preliminary daily program *

Important dates:
The opening of PQ 2015: Wednesday June 17, 2015 at 18:00
Awards ceremony : the evening of Monday June 22, 2015.

* Please note that the preliminary program does not include all of the numerous live events taking place during PQ 2015. The full and final version of the program will be announced soon.

PQ 2015 Preliminary program

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