The Shared Independent Theater List (The Sh.I.T. LIST)

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On October 7, 2013, the LIT Fund selected the first recipient of their new annual community grant: the Sh.I.T. List. Less than a year later, Sh.I.T.’s about to get real.

Created by a group of independent artists in NYC, the Sh.I.T. List is a digital platform for renting, selling, bartering, and giving away theater and film goods. The mission of the Sh.I.T. List is to get these goods OUT OF THE DUMPSTER and into the projects that need them.  Now that it’s been beta-tested by The LIT Fund community, the Sh.I.T. List will be available for your use on September 16, 2014!

Gideon Producer Sean Williams enthuses, “I sincerely believe that The Sh.I.T. List is not only a brilliant solution to the problems plaguing our environment, it is an elegant plan for us all to survive the new financial realities of the 21st Century. It is so vital, so important and so necessary that in a few years, we will wonder how anyone was able to produce without it.”

Here’s how the Sh.I.T. List works:

Members (called “Dumpers”) can list their “Shit” and tag it with theater/film categories like costumes, props, set pieces, lighting equipment, video equipment, etc. Then members who are looking for these items (called “Divers”) can search for and contact Dumpers about their listings. One of the most exciting features – particularly for anyone just about to close a show – is the ability to list your strike schedule with links to the goods offered.  

Anyone can easily search by word or browse categories and sort results.  Diver membership is free and, thanks to the LIT Fund’s first Community Resource Grant, Dumper membership (which includes the option of listing gigs and events) is also free through at least July 2015.  

Need a wheelchair for your show?  Check.  How about some fake limbs?  We’ve got it.  So get on the Sh.I.T. List and start saving some … stuff.

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