Australia: American environmental artist featured at Sustainable Living Festival

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Australia: American environmental artist featured at Sustainable Living Festival

The internationally renowned eco-artist and photographer Chris Jordan constructed a major artwork for the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, Australia, from 11 to 16 February 2014, and he also gave presentations and talks.


Chris Jordan explores themes of consumption, waste, environmentalism, ecology and use of art for communication. His work has been described as aesthetically beautiful, mind-boggling and thought-provoking.

Citizens of Melbourne were encouraged to bring their old mobiles to Federation Square on 11 February to be part of his installation.


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Chris Jordan’s activities at the festival in Melbourne

Public Forum
Saturday 15 February at 1pm
Free entry
Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

11-16 February
Swanston St Forecourt
Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Help Create an Eco-Artwork
Wednesday 12 February 2014 (10am-12pm & 12pm-2pm)
Federation Square, Melbourne

Be inspired by internationally renowned eco-artist Chris Jordan as he constructs a major artwork for MobileMuster at Sustainable Living Festival.

Students and teachers will be able to join Chris as he arranges 8,000 old and unused mobile phones into a feature artwork on mobile phone recycling. They will hear from the artist about how he creates his environmental artworks which have been described as aesthetically beautiful, mind-boggling, and thought-provoking. This unique session will challenge students to consider how art can be used to communicate how we think about sustainability. Schools will be provided with learning resources on the artist which can be used as an extension or homework activity.

SLF Education Day Forum & Workshop 
Friday 14 February 2014, 10am-2pm
Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

slf_chris-jordan-bookAs part of SLF Education Day activities students heard a keynote presentation from Chris Jordan and participated in a hands-on workshop. Widely recognised for his stunning environmental art yet also a captivating speaker, Chris Jordan, in his keynote presentation, exploree themes of consumption, waste, environmentalism, use of art for communicating messages and ecology.

The workshop offered students the chance to learn about the inside of a mobile phone and what can be recycled. They were given expert advice, tools and workspaces to dismantle old mobile phones and learn about the resources that can be recovered. They separated the phone components and identified what materials and elements are used in the mobile phone and how they can be recovered in the recycling process. MobileMuster provided learning resources to that can be taken back to school and used as extensions or homework activity to complement the workshop and further the discussion on the life cycle of a mobile phone.

Students were also able to view the large scale artwork created by Chris Jorda


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