PLAND New Initiative Proclaims: Practice Liberating Art Through Necessary Dislocation


Contact: Erin Elder



TAOS, NEW MEXICO – Announcing the formal launch of PLAND, an off-the-grid residency program that supports the development of experimental and research-based projects in the context of the Taos mesa.  PLAND was conceived of and founded in July 2009, when creative trio Erin Elder, Nina Elder, and Nancy Zastudil banded together to acquire a small parcel of land near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Rio Grande Gorge. The arid plot is currently void of amenities such as water and electricity, with terrain defined by sage brush, chamisa, and breath-taking vistas of open sky. The region is home to alternative communities including the Taos Pueblo, several Earthship developments, and a scattering of off-the-grid homesteaders.

The three founders describe PLAND as:

“A program that focuses on open-ended projects that facilitate collaboration, experimentation, and hyper-local engagement. We do not hold expectations about prescribed outcomes. We privilege process over product. We believe artists can do amazing things when supported and encouraged in new contexts. We believe that no context exists like that of the Taos mesa.

We find our inspiration in a legacy of pioneers, entrepenuers, homesteaders, artists, and other counterculturalists who – through both radical and mundane activities – reclaim and reframe a land-based notion of the American Dream.”

During Summer 2010, PLAND will host a motley crew of thinkers and doers in a series of work parties, idea-testing workshops, and inaugural project-based residencies in order to transform the land into a more inhabitable outpost while challenging artists to create, experiment, and produce their own work within this unique context. These activities are funded in part by The Idea Fund and supported by the hard work of students at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Please note that the application deadline is May 10th and due via email.


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  1. We wanted to let you know about the June Green Building Earthship
    workshop coming up, thought you would be interested.



    Earthship Green Building Seminar
    Exciting workshops which will give you hands-on experience building

    June 25-27, 2010
    #1 Earthship Way, Taos, NM, 87577

    An Earthship is a radically sustainable home made of recycled
    •       Electricity is from the sun with solar panels and wind with wind
    •       Water is caught on the roof from rain and snow melt.
    •       Sewage is treated on site in interior and external botanical
    •       Heating & Cooling is from the sun and the earth.
    •       Food is grown inside and outside.

    What to expect

    The weekend begins with dinner and a slide show and discussion of the
    concepts and history of Earthships. The following day begins with a morning
    lecture; the afternoon is devoted to on-site tire pounding, mudding, and
    building can walls. Sunday is split between additional lectures and touring a
    variety of completed Earthships in The Greater World Community, including the
    Phoenix. The lecture series includes explanation and demonstration of the
    systems packages, and addressing individual participant’s questions.
    Reviewing the Earthship books and videos prior to the seminar will help you get
    the most out of this experience.

    Where to stay

    Many seminar attendees enjoy staying at one of the nightly Earthship
    rentals, to reserve your stay, please contact us. You can camp at the Greater
    World Earthship Community or in the Carson National Forest. We will also
    send a list of local hotels and B&Bs with your Seminar Confirmation Pack.

    Next step

    Seminar tuition is $450 per person and $750 for two people, but if
    you book by January 1, 2010 the tuition drops to $400 and $700
    respectively. To reserve your seminar date, send a deposit of $100 per person, or
    call us to charge to your credit card. Make reservations early, as all
    dates fill up rapidly. Lodging, directions to the site and other relevant
    information will be provided after deposits are received.

    To reserve your seminar spot, please call 575-751-0462 or fill out
    the form at

    Earthship Seminar deposits are non-refundable, but you may switch
    your date at any time up to two weeks before your reserved date.

  2. Cheers from us here in the village of Juan Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico!

    Former Santa Fe-Abiquiu- San Francisco-New York artists, Ana and I have relocated to work and engage with our new community and surroundings in a small “pueblo de rancho” on the edge of the Sierra Madre and of the Pre-colombian Paquime Ruins in Casa Grandes, 20 miles away.

    Our website is under construction. We have guest quarters and love what you are doing up there in Taos….You may consider visiting us someday. 10 hour drive to our door from Santa Fe, crosiing the border at Columbus, NM.

    I will be participating in the ISEA Conference via the National Hispanic Cultural Center and Albuquerque Museum with my images, “Cars in the New Mexico Landscape” .

    Ana has just self-published via , volume 1 of The Art of Survival and the Survival of Art- Hector and Graciela Gallegos, Mata Ortiz Pottery.

    Wishhing you the best!

    Ana Livingston Paddock

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