Are You Happy to See Me?
June 16 – Sept 27, 2009 

FALLEN FRUIT who will be in residence at the Hedlands in the Bay Area for the month of July opens a new show this month in Los Angeles that explores the most popular fruit in the world, the banana. United Fruit, drawn from Fallen Fruit’s recent trip to Colombia, examines the social, political and pop history of the banana.

OPENING RECEPTION: Tuesday 16 June 2009, 8pm – 10pm, featuring Are You Happy to See Me?, a participatory performance involving hundreds of bananas available for eating. Attendees will be encouraged to photograph themselves playing with this often comical or suggestive fruit. 

LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions)
6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90028
Gallery Hours: Weds-Sun 12-6, Fri 12-9

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