Transmediale 09: Survival is Tasty.

Carbon candy! So declared a certain workshop at the recent Transmediale 09:

“Driven by the often-absurd nature of politics and the collective creativity often generated from equally absurd artistic mediums, the workshop will rally around the task of hacking Cotton Candy machines.”

Appropriately titled Climate Hack, it was a project of Pixelache, Kitchen Budapest, and, and what they came up with was the DIY version of the diagram above: spun sugar installations designed for a sweet reflection on climate change. Far outside the usual dogma, for sure.

Transmediale was filled with contemplations of climate change this year, reports we make money not art. In addition to the Post Global Warming Survival Kit, the exhibit included specialità di silicio, a performance in which Swiss artist Urs Dubacher melted tools and computer parts into edible-looking meals, and a camp consisting of shelters made with recyled materials. The entire exhibition entitled Survival and Utopia, Visions of Balance in Transformation, ran for the month of February in Berlin.

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