Repent! Repent!

{An installation view of Moniqe Prieto at ACME, Los Angeles, 2009}

Moniqe Prieto’s show A Boatfull of Spaniards Sing opened this past Saturday at ACME in Los Angeles. I thought it was a great show, especially the Repent! Repent! diptych in the above image.

For the past few years, I’ve looked at and thought about Prieto’s wonky block-letter paintings. Maybe I just enjoy reading some words in paintings, but the colors, words and oblique imagery do it for me. So I was surprised in talking with a few friends making the gallery rounds that night who said they aren’t into it. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree—I’m a fan.

Oh and if you do go, don’t miss the canvas/acrylic rock (or is it an iceberg?) by Lisa Williamson in the sort-of project room at ACME.

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