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As the year ends and a new one begins, it’s time to take stock of the
work we saw in 2008. One thing is conspicuous; the volume of art that
in some way encountered the subject matter of ecology suggests there is
an increasing sense of urgency and engagement in the arts world. 2008
was also a year of major art events focussing on the environment, from Greenwashing in Turin to 48 Degrees Celcius public.art.ecology in Delhi – both of which featured artworks that were RSA Arts & Ecology
commissions. In London, Frieze commissioned artists around the loose
theme of “engaging with the ecology of the fair and its surroundings.”

is a list of personal choices by ourselves and our colleagues, pieces
that we thought were worth revisiting. It includes work by major name
artists like Olafur Eliasson and Catherine Yass, and also a few names we hope you’ll be hearing more of in the future. Take a look here. And let us know the artworks you thought shone out in 2008.

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