Blog round up

Eco Art Blog asks the best question ever asked in the history of blogs with the word “eco” in their name:

The New York Times had an article
last month about regenerating mammoths for about $10 million. The story
was interesting with lots of scientific and ethical considerations, but
left unmentioned was an even bigger story: what would paintings by
mammoths look like? And how soon can we get these regenerated mammoths
in the studio?

Eco Art Blog’s post Regenerate Mammoths.  And Then Have Them Make Paintings ponders whether we have got our priorities slightly wrong, trying to revive extinct animals at a time when we’re driving record numbers off the cliff of existence. excoriates Lord Turners report on climate change thusly:

Lord Turner has two jobs. The first, as chair of the Financial Services
Authority, is to save capitalism. The second, as chair of the Committee
on Climate Change, is to save the biosphere from the impacts of
capitalism. I have no idea how well he is discharging the first task,
but if his approach to the second one is anything to go by, you should
dump your shares and buy gold.

And finally, Ecoviz tells us How to survive global warming using art, with the Post Global Warming Survival Kit… an art installation that imagines the kind of apocalyptic scenario Cormac McCarthy envisages in The Road.