Art at work: global warming, step off.


Dystopia: super motivating, right? Part of why we’re all so excited about green living and moving and breathing is that constant potential for utter global collapse. Ooooh. Potential ecological apocalypse. I gotta get me one of them CFLs.

Artist Petko Dourmana creates this eerie potential future. In Global Warming Survival Kit, he realizes this generation’s “nuclear winter” by setting up a station for a watchman of a border between land and the North Sea. The border lies on an ash-covered future landscape, images of which can only be seen with night-vision goggles. Perhaps the best way to prevent an apocalypse is to change our perspective.

The piece is on display as part of Brand_Dourmana at the Edith Russ Site for New Media Art in Oldenberg, Germany. It was recently nominated for the 2009 transmediale award.

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