Apollo Expands Its Green Initiative

From Lighting & Sound America Online, November 11, 2008:

As a continuation of its green initiative, Apollo Design Technology Inc announced at the recent LDI exhibition in Las Vegas its complete process switch to laser technology for all gobo production. Starting with steel gobos in 2007, laser technology is now being used to produce Apollo glass gobos. The change from chemical etching to laser technology eliminates thousands of gallons of hazardous waste annually, the company says.

“Working with laser technology for the past three years has been amazing,” states company founder and president Joel Nichols. “The image consistency lasers provide will catch the user’s attention. The additional benefits to the environment and workplace safety that this technology provides make this change a win-win for everyone. With a transition to more eco-friendly packaging also in the works, we are extremely pleased to be delivering all of our gobos in a cleaner, safer way.”

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