Moving Arts Moving Green: Moving Arts Presents a Mini-Green Expo

As part of the Moving Arts Talk Back Series for Song of Extinction, there will be a greening expo at the Ford Amphitheater on December the 7th.

When: Sun, Dec 7, 2008
Where: [Inside] The Ford, 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East, Los Angeles, CA 90068


Moving Arts is proud to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of E.M. Lewis’ SONG of EXTINCTION

November 7 – December 14, 2008 To purchase tickets CLICK HERE or call (323) GO 1-FORD (461-3673) Max, a musically gifted high school student, is falling off the edge of the world and his biology teacher is the only one who’s noticed. SONG OF EXTINCTION is a play about the science of life and loss, the relationships between fathers and sons, Cambodian fields, Bolivian rainforests and redemption.

Max is going to fail Biology if he doesn’t complete a 20-page paper on extinction by 2pm on Tuesday but his mother is dying of cancer, and school is the last thing on his mind. His father, a biologist obsessed with saving a rare, threatened Bolivian insect, is incapable of dealing with his wife’s impending death, or his son’s distress. Max’s biology teacher, Khim Phan, tries to figure out why Max is failing the class. Helping Max, however, pushes Khim into a magical journey of his own from the Cambodian fields of his youth into the undiscovered country beyond.

Want to know more about Song of Extinction?

Please join us for a free, stimulating discussion exploring different aspects of the play. Every Sunday at 5:00 pm, Moving Arts will host a Talk-Back discussion at [Inside] the Ford.

Talk-Back Sessions Dates and Topics

November 9: Song of Extinction Q & A with Cast and Director

November 16: On Composition Q & A with Composer Geoffrey Pope

November 23: The Playwriting Process Q & A with Playwright EM Lewis

November 30: The War Plays Project The War Plays Project Explores Genocide

December 7: Moving Arts Moving Green Moving Arts Presents a Mini-Green Expo

December 14: The Cambodian Experience Q & A with Members of the Cambodian Community