Vaughn Bell Hilarity

I’ve been holding back for long enough: Vaughn Bell is hilarious. The Seattle-based artist creates sculpture and performance works that examine our relationship to nature in a manner that’s fun and funky.

Besides the Personal Biospheres above, where folks can isolate their heads in their own private landscapes, Bell has created a pet mountain, a Cultivation Utility Vehicle (i.e. a plant stand), and a dress that allows anyone to carry a plant around like a belly baby.  In the end we all look kind of silly regarding the planet as our personal playtoy.

Her work, and the work of many other inspired environmental artists, is currently on display at the Massachusetts Museum of Modern Art as part of the exhibition Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape. The personal Biospheres at MassMOCA will be based on the landscapes of North Adams, MA, where the museum is located.

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