Call For Abstracts: International Conference on Sustainable Development

The Global Association of Master’s in Development Practice Programs (MDP), in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), will hold the Fifth Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) on 18 & 19 September, 2017, at Columbia University in New York City. Abstract submission and conference registration will take place on the conference website.

Open Call: Joya AiR Summer Residency

Since 2009 Joya: AiR has invited and hosted in excess of 500 artists providing them with a creative environment free from distraction in one of Spain’s most beautiful and remote regions. Joya: AiR is an interdisciplinary residency based at Cortijada Los Gázquez, an ‘off-grid’ eco-destination, in the heart of the Parque Natural Sierra María – Los Vélez,

Art+Climate=Change, Upcoming Events in Australia

General Events: EXIT: GLOBALISATION, CLIMATE CHANGE AND ARTIn a time of increasing anxiety about globalisation and its impacts, the installation EXIT provides a vibrant representation of some of the processes which link us, sometimes inextricably, planet-wide. In this forum, a panel of experts will discuss EXIT and the issues it raises. Wed 26 April, 6.45pm

If Not Artists, Will Museums Save the World?

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog I’m going to be honest with you: artists can’t save the world. Though I’m a tireless optimist and probably a slightly naive idealist, even I know: it’s not going to happen. Artists may make the most amazing tapestry out of carrots or powerful and politically

Global Warming’s “Six Americas” and Yale’s Program on Climate Change Communication

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog In preparing for a submission to an international art competition on climate change, I came across The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC), a dedicated program within Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Fascinated by their research on public climate change attitudes,

The Element in the Room

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog For #NationalPoetryMonth, Joan Sullivan interviews UK poet Matt Harvey. This is the fourth installment of Renewable Energy Artworks, a monthly series on Artists & Climate Change. Matt Harvey has written a lovely little book of poetry inspired by renewable energy. Published in 2014, The Element

Firerock: Pass the Spark

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog HAND TO VINE PAW TO WING IN KINSHIP WE STAND WITH ALL LIVING THINGS PASS THE SPARK FROM HEART TO HEART TOGETHER WE WALK THROUGH LIGHT AND DARK Lyric selection as sung by the 360 million-year-old Firerock in Sparksong from Firerock: Pass The Spark from

Crawl Arts: Bringing Art & Biodiversity to London

Recently created initiative, Crawl Arts, aims to create new stories for positive change in our environment through works in deliverying up-cycled, “activated” clothing and creative educational programmes. Working to “use creativity to engage a mainstream audience with climate related issues” through their clothing, they provide “narrative illustrations to weave environmental consciousness into the things we use and wear daily”- Gabi Gershuny ,Director


NKA Foundation seeks to garner advisors, partners and supporters to run the 5th Annual Earth Architecture Competition: Designing a Rural Arts Centre for Senegal. Additionally, they are putting together a list of jury team members and advisors to push the 5th edition as far as it can go. OBJECTIVE: The objective is to design a

Opportunity: Magnetic North’s ‘Rough Mix’ – Artist Residencies

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland This opportunity comes from Magnetic North- for more information please visit their website.   Deadline: 17 April 2017 at 13:00 Magnetic North’s 2017 multi-art form creative development residency Rough Mix will take place in Peebles from 19th-30th June. It will run at the Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre

Opportunity: Series of talks, ‘Pecha Kucha – Making Economy’

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland This opportunity comes from TAKTAL – for more information please visit their website. Deadline: 20 April 2017 at 19:00 Our current economy, proliferated on resource consumption and monetary gain, is leading us towards an unsustainable future of scarcity and social hierarchy. Increasingly there is a need for another

Screening/Reading: Donna Haraway Storytelling for Earthly Survival

This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland Screening Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival Glasgow Film Theatre, Rose Street, Glasgow Sunday 23 April 2017 17:15 In this portrait of Haraway, filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova explores her playful, humorous and sincere approach to narrative when dealing with the substantial issues facing human beings as co-habitants of planet

The Journey to an Eco-Play

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog This article was originally published on HowlRound, a knowledge commons by and for the theatre community, on September 18, 2016. When I started to think about writing a play about climate change, a comment made by a philosopher-scientist struck me with such blunt emotional force that I got

Call for Papers: III INSULA International Colloquium

Beyond Nature/Artifice Funchal | UMa-CIERL 8 to 12 November 2017 Submissions deadline by 30th May 2017 “There is no singular ‘nature’ as such, only a diversity of contested natures; and that each such nature is constituted through a variety of socio-cultural processes from which such natures cannot be plausibly separated.” – Macnaghten, P. and Urry,

Call for Papers: Experimental Histories II

Experimental Histories II: Uncanny Objects in the Anthropocene Symposium 5 & 6th June 2017, Hobart Convenors: Penny Edmonds, Hannah Stark, Katrina Schlunke CALL FOR PAPERS This two-day symposium will explore what the era of the Anthropocene means for how we critically, artistically and affectively approach historicised objects (including animals and non-sensate things). It interrogates present

The Visual Magic of Phantom Limb

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog Phantom Limb Company produces visually stunning work for the stage that combines dance and puppetry. Co-founded in 2007 by artist, director, and set designer Jessica Grindstaff, and composer and puppet maker Erik Sanko, Phantom Limb has been developing a trilogy of shows that grapples with humans’ relationship to nature and

Minty Donald Reviews A Caledonian Decoy

This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland Caledonian Decoy: Exhibition overview, 2017 from Collins & Goto Studio on Vimeo. Tim Collins and Reiko Goto’s dense and thought-provoking exhibition brings together a number of recent works developed as part of what they describe in the accompanying catalogue as ‘A Critical Forest Art Practice’.* This body of

Reimagined Conversations, Empowered Narratives

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog Since November, I’ve been engaging in more and more conversations around climate. Some formal, like the series of Environmental Justice Roundtables at The Lark, and the formation of Climate Lens (a collective of theatre-makers connecting on climate issues); others informal, like brainstorming with my collaborators about

ART+CLIMATE= CHANGE 2017 program launched

CLIMARTE’s highly anticipated festival of provocative climate change related arts and ideas, ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE, has now launched the 2017 program. View the Program Here! Running from 19 April – 14 May across venues in Melbourne and regional Victoria, ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 provides a platform for the discussion of the challenges, opportunities, impacts, and solutions associated with climate

Holly Keasey and Anna Macleod: An Atomic Journey

This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland “We tour the disparate surfaces of everyday life as a way of involving ourselves in them, as a way of reintegrating a fragmented world” – Alexander Wilson (1991)   As international residents at SFAI, Holly and fellow resident Anna Macleod, have conducted their ‘Atomic Journey’ together through New