[Int21] Residential Short Course and Evening Talk (UK)

Environmental artist Chris Drury and writer Kay Syrad lead a residential short course with guest artist David Buckland from Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November 2017. Chris will also offer a public talk on the evening of Wednesday November 1st.

Part of’s compelling new programme of short courses and talks. Context and Form, Art and Writing is facilitated by Chris Drury and Kay Syrad. Their special guest is David Buckland, Founding Director of Cape Farewell. Both events take place at Dartington in SW England and are open to all.

In this five-day intensive, Chris Drury shares his renowned practice of working with form, including whirlpool and vortex, fractal and wave patterns, exploring and investigating how aesthetic forms have the universal enfolded within them but are at the same time particular to individual experience.

Kay Syrad has collaborated closely with Chris on a number of art-text projects and brings her rich knowledge and experience of narrative and poetic form.

The programme days assume a regular pattern of immersion in the landscape: walking, collecting, making; reflecting and working inside, with short lectures, shared conversation and discussion, individual tuition, and studio time exploring visual and/or written forms that are personal and universal.

The course includes:
– a series of short lectures on context and form in art and writing
– meditative and sense-based engagement with the landscape
– a chance to experiment together and individually with different forms in language and image
– the opportunity to work outside and inside in dialogue with the tutors

Further information and booking can be found at

On the Wednesday evening, Chris Drury will offer a public talk Wandering: earth, art and context.
Tickets are £5 and information can be found at

Radical Reciprocity: Wildly Expressive earthBODYment Artivism

Join Bronwyn Preece for a weekend radical earthBODYment intensive on Lasqueti Island, BC, Canada
Arriving Friday, August 18 and leaving Sunday, August 20 late afternoon.

$250 (Canadian) includes workshop, all meals, camping and transportation on Lasqueti.*

How do we tune into our sensuous experiences with the other-than-human world and creatively engage and express them through a radical reciprocity?
How does site-specific deep improvisation: an arts-based corporeal process of exploration of interconnection, translate to a vitally potent politics? I
n the current politically and ecologically fraught era, what might gathering together on an off-the-grid island in Traditional Straits Salish Territory with artistic intention and focus — birth in ourselves and with/for others?
Where are our borders in these ‘wild’ times?!

Facebook event posting:

earthBODYment incorporates solo and whole group processes: movement, sound, language, collaborative writing and painting practices, music, yarn ‘bombing’ and other creative manifestations of presence and resonance with the places we find ourselves in.

The workshop will take place at a variety of site-specific locations around the island

The workshop will begin with an evening session on Friday night. Sunday morning’s session will begin pre-sunrise. Days will be full.

Participants are asked to bring appropriate clothing for walking and working in the forest and on the shore, a headlamp, waterbottle, journal, costume elements and musical instruments, if possible.

Participants need to bring their own tent and sleeping bags for camping (indoor accommodations are possible, at extra expense). Please be aware that Lasqueti Island is an off-the-grid, rugged environment with limited infrastructure and a highly sensitive ecosystem… please be prepared for ‘roughing’ it: with gorgeous ocean views.

earthBODYment is inspired by Bronwyn’s extensive training, and as a teacher, of Action Theater™ for more than 17 years (studying with Ruth Zaporah); her work with Deep Ecologist Joanna Macy (the Work that Reconnects); her work with Butoh dance; her community-engaged Applied Theatre work; her own extensive explorations with embodied and expressive activism, and her more recent work with La Pocha Nostra…and a host of other movement and radical arts based modalities.

Space is limited: for further information and about registering, please email Bronwynat

*Arrival and Departure from Lasqueti: Depending on the number of participants, a chartered water taxi may be arranged for from French Creek, Vancouver Island on the Friday: taking you directly to the South End, closer to the location for workshop. However these details will not be known until closer to the time. Otherwise, participants will arrive on the 2:30 ferry on Friday from French Creek, and will depart on the Sunday 4:00 ferry from Lasqueti. Please note that the above price does not include transportation costs to and from Lasqueti. Coordiantion is key as Lasqueti Island has limited passenger-only ferry access, and limited on-island transporation options.

Arrangements may be made to arrive earlier and leave later — extending this time into your own residency — arrangements to be discussed with Bronwyn.

“I am full of gratitude for the other day. You have such a beautiful ability to give space, and to offer ample space for us to be. How powerful to speak to us about our choices being perfect. I have only ever rarely seen that degree of honouring our nature and potential in any tradition. You are a gem and a revolutionary and inspiring leader.”
~ Mariko Ihara, earthBODYment participant

“Bronwyn’s workshops/exercises were raw and unconventional; engaging all aspects of our being in spawning individual/collective expression. It gave me a shiver of excitement each time before the class as I really didn’t know what to expect. I love those scary unknown places and the challenges proposed because there is no choice but to show up! Bronwyn skillfully directs and facilitates the work while stepping aside to allow participants to dive into the depth of their own experiences.”
-Thomas Loh, Nelson, earthBODYment participant (from 2014 Leviathan intensive)

“Bronwyn is such an elegant, feminine, powerful artist and facilitator. I was blown away her presence and her self assuredness to give me (us) the space to fully trust in her process and to experience a wonderful workshop.”
~Joanna Bond, earthBODYment participant (Penpynfarch Studio, Wales, 2015)

About Bronwyn Preece:

Bronwyn Preece is a site-specific, improvisational performer, poet, author, visual and walking eARThist. She is currently pursuing her PhD: using site-specific improvisation to explore the overlaps between ecology and disability. She holds an MA and BFA in Applied Theatre. She is the pioneer of earthBODYment and became Canada’s first certified teacher of Action Theater™. She is the author of three books, among other publications. All of Bronwyn’s work focuses on connection to place and interdependence — interrogating the dichotomies between culture and nature, self and environment. Highlights include performing at World Stage Design in Wales (in an outdoor edible set), at Women’s Caucus for Art in NYC, with Kokoro Dance in three of their Wreck Beach Butoh performaces; and performing with the La Pocha Nostra international winter school in Mexico. She facilitates workshops internationally and works with communities and within classrooms to engage with timely issues through the arts. She served two terms in local politics as the youngest woman ever elected to her post with the Islands Trust, the municipal level government for the Gulf Islands of BC (2002-2008). Learn more about Bronwyn at

Jumping Rope With the Wind

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog

Our Renewable Energy Artworks series continues this month with an introduction to the prolific Dutch artist/architect/innovator Daan Roosegaarde, a self-described “futurist-focused-on-the-present” and founder of Studio Roosegaarde based in Rotterdam, with a new satellite “pop-up” studio in Shanghai.

It’s hard to keep up with Daan Roosegaarde, the internationally acclaimed visionary creative change-maker whose nature-driven social design lab, Studio Roosegaarde, functions as an interactive incubator to create site-specific installations exploring the dynamic relation between people, technology and space.

Fresh on the heels of his TED2017 lecture last month in Vancouver, Roosegaarde just won yet another international award, this time for his mind-bending Windlicht (Wind Light) project, eloquently described by one spectator as “jumping rope with the wind” in the video below:

Inspired by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinderdijk, one of the Netherlands’ most popular tourist attractions where 19 windmills were built between 1738 and 1740 to help manage water levels, Windlicht celebrates the invisible beauty of clean energy while creating a “missing link between the Dutch and the beauty of our new landscape.”

According to Slate, Roosegaarde worked with a team of designers and engineers to create special software and tracking technology to detect the movement of wind turbine blades rotating at 280 kilometres per hour (174 mph). He visually connected the turbines in the evening sky using a series of dancing green laser beams whose movement was choreographed into what Roosegaarde calls “a dynamic play of light and movement.”

wind, energy, renewable, daan, roosegaarde, laser

The first Windlicht light show was visible over four nights in March 2016 at the Eneco wind farm at St. Annaland in Zeeland. Future international Windlicht sites are planned and will be announced on Studio Roosegaarde’s website and social media.

I first started following Roosegaarde back in 2014, when his gorgeous solar-powered, glow-in-the-dark Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bike path opened in Nuenen, NL, to international acclaim.

Inspired by Van Gogh’s 1889 painting The Starry Night, this 600-metre stretch along the 335-km-long Van Gogh cycle route contains 50,000 pebbles coated in a phosphorescent paint and solar-powered LEDs, both of which collect solar energy by day and illuminate by night. The swirling patterns provide cyclists enough visibility after dusk, with minimal intrusion on local animal habitat. By incorporating lighting directly into the surface of the bicycle path, additional street lighting is unnecessary.

In a must-read in-depth feature on Roosegaarde published last month in Wired, Yves Béhar, the San Francisco-based entrepreneur and founder of design firm fuseproject said: “Designers can choreograph the world to make a statement or tell a story. The air, the wind, and the Earth are Roosegaarde’s canvas.”

Roosegaarde’s bike path project has already inspired the construction of a similar bike path using slightly different solar-sensitive materials in Poland, as shown below:

Poland, Roosegaard, solar, bike path, Van Gogh

It is just a matter of time before more photoluminescent cycle paths appear in countries across the world. Studio Roosegaarde has already received enquires from Dubai, China and Turkey. This innovative project is part of a larger smart roads project in collaboration with Heijmans to create safer, more efficient roads using solar energy. I will write more about this important project in a future post, right here on Artists & Climate Change’s Renewable Energy Artworks monthly series.

 About Artists and Climate Change:

Artists and Climate Change is a blog that tracks artistic responses from all disciplines to the problem of climate change. It is both a study about what is being done, and a resource for anyone interested in the subject. Art has the power to reframe the conversation about our environmental crisis so it is inclusive, constructive, and conducive to action. Art can, and should, shape our values and behavior so we are better equipped to face the formidable challenge in front of us.

Go to the Artists and Climate Change Blog

Create a Green Team: Glasgow Workshop

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland

Tuesday 16 May 2017, 14:00-16:00

Venue: MANY Studios: 3 Ross Street Glasgow , G1 5AR (Google Map)

Being the sole Green Champion in any organisation can be a big job. Are you running out of ideas? Feeling like you are fighting a losing battle? Perhaps you have limited knowledge of how all the other departments work within the company?

Now is the time to form a Green Team. This FREE workshop will give you ideas on how to:

  • Build cooperation from the whole of your organisation
  • Include senior management of the organisation
  • Arrange dates and agendas for your green team meeings
  • Create a tailored environmental policy for your organisation
  • Report back on your work to your board and build support for your work

Bring along your ideas and questions. Refreshments supplied. Feel free to bring a packed lunch

This workshop will also run in Edinburgh on Tuesday 30 May

Register Here

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About Creative Carbon Scotland:

Creative Carbon Scotland is a partnership of arts organisations working to put culture at the heart of a sustainable Scotland. We believe cultural and creative organisations have a significant influencing power to help shape a sustainable Scotland for the 21st century.

In 2011 we worked with partners Festivals Edinburgh, the Federation of Scottish Threatre and Scottish Contemporary Art Network to support over thirty arts organisations to operate more sustainably.

We are now building on these achievements and working with over 70 cultural organisations across Scotland in various key areas including carbon management, behavioural change and advocacy for sustainable practice in the arts.

Our work with cultural organisations is the first step towards a wider change. Cultural organisations can influence public behaviour and attitudes about climate change through:

Changing their own behaviour;
Communicating with their audiences;
Engaging the public’s emotions, values and ideas.

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Last Call: BGA College Green Captain Prize in Final Week of Submission





The Broadway Green Alliance College Green Captain Prize was created to reward College Green Captains for their greening efforts on campus productions. This years winners will be announced by Hamilton’s Seth Green at the 2017 United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT) Annual Conference & Stage Expo, March 8-11 in St. Louis, Missouri.

To apply for the prize, College Green Captains should submit a one-page summary statement explaining their greening efforts and a pdf of a 18″x 24″ cardboard poster showing off the best elements of their greening program. Additional documentation can include a 3-5 minute video or up to 10 pages of written reports or spreadsheets documenting the greening.  Photographs with captions explaining the greening program are encouraged.  Winners will have brought innovative, creative, and/or widely-applied greening and energy-efficiency methods into the design and/or production of theatre at their campus.  The posters of finalists will be displayed at the BGA booth at the USITT Expo in March.

Greener practices can involve – but are not limited to – designing theatrical productions in a greener manner (e.g. alternate materials, energy, lighting, costumes or set pieces); running the show in a greener manner (e.g. energy-efficient lighting, rechargeable batteries, or educating the cast and crew about better practices); striking the production in a way that reduces waste (e.g. re-use, recycling, or composting); or changing front-of-house operations to reduce waste and encourage greener audience practices (e.g. alternative advertising, programs, or tickets).

Entries are due by March 1, 2017 and a winner will be announced at the USITT conference in St. Louis.
Entries can be sent to The winner of the BGA College Green Captain award will receive, subject to availability, tickets to the Broadway production of HAMILTON along with a professional backstage tour of the production and a meeting with a current Broadway Green Captain. Though groups can apply, only two tickets are available.  The entire group will receive a certificate commemorating their win.  Any student or faculty/staff member interested in helping to green their theatre department is encouraged to volunteer to be a College Green Captain and to sign up at

All prize applicants must be College Green Captains.

More information about the BGA and the Prize for Achievement in Greener Theatre


Upcoming Events in the New York Sustainable Arts Community

Pictured Above: Global View of the Blued Trees Symphony 20′ x 30′ on view at KRICT, Daejeon, South Korea, until May 31st 2017.

Care as Culture:
Artists, Activists and Scientists Build Coalitions to Resist Climate Change
A Convening Around the Peace Table
February 12th, 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Location: Queens Museum
Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ Peace Table, serves as the site for convenings on peace, from
the personal to citywide to global. Ukeles and the Museum have conceived a series of
public programs meant to engage and contemporize some of Mierle Laderman Ukeles: Maintenance Art‘s important themes.Care as Culture is the final convening that brings the perspectives of eco-artists, activists, and experts on climate change together to interrogate and enrich culture’s place in the movements for environmental justice.

Reflecting What prevents us from working together and how can we advocate for change? Case study speakers include Newton HarrisonThe Natural History Museum,Natalie Jeremijenko, and Mary Mattingly.

Respondents include Carol BeckerFrancesco FiondellaAllan FreiHope Ginsburg, Alicia GrullonAmy LiptonLisa MarshallJennifer McGregorAviva RahmaniJason SmerdonStephanie Wakefield, and Marina Zurkow.


February 16, 8:30am to 10:00am
Location: Nassau Suite East/West, 2nd Floor
Chairs: Katharine J. Wright, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Gillian Pistell,
The Graduate Center, The City University of New York
General Idea’s Normal Art
Alex Kitnick, Bard College
Chris Burden’s Institutional Accomplices
Sydney Stutterheim, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York
Using Copyright Law to Reclaim the Spirit of Art as a Revolutionary Act in
The Blued Trees Symphony
Aviva Rahmani, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado Boulder
Regular Sessions; Sessions
Art History-Contemporary Art
Art History-Public Art
Interdisciplinary-Museum Studies/Curatorial Studies/Art Criticism

Inclusion in
The Wasteland?
Opening February 9, 6pm – 8pm
Location: Central Booking, 21 Ludlow St., NYC, NY

Finally, check out the most recent Gulf to Gulf recording: “After the Tsunami.

Upcoming Event Realistic Utopias: Writing for Change (UK)

Upcoming Event

Presented By: TippingPoint, Free Word and Durham University, with additional funding from ESRC and Arts Council England

Thu 19 Jan 2017 – 6:45pm – 9:00pm @ Free Word Centre

Ticket: £5 (£3 concession)

Buy tickets here

As the New Year begins, change and resolutions are in the air. But can words inspire us to take action to help our environment and each other?

Come and listen to short readings from the authors of five new works on climate change that include:

* A sci-fi take on The Tale of Two Cities.

* A thrifty love story.

* Poetry about an ancient people who watched their land swallowed by the sea.

* A real-life account of when floods and a birthday party collided.

* A children’s mystery story with a farting elephant.

We will also be talking about environmental action that’s already happening on our doorstop. We will explore how community groups are using words to explain issues and motivate people on a daily basis.

Join us for an evening of inspiring words and actions. The Free Word Centre Bar will be open before and after the event so that the conversation – and inspiration – can keep flowing.

Weatherfronts: Climate Change and the Stories We Tell

This evening launches a collection of new writing on our changing world commissioned by TippingPoint, Free Word and Durham University. In May 2016 we brought together writers and climate change experts to explore one of the most urgent issues of our time. All five pieces were inspired by discussions that took part during our Weatherfronts event, and aim to spark further change.

Contact: Sophie Wardell, Programme Producer, Free Word
020 7324 2561

Photo Credit: People’s Climate March in New York City, September 2014
Photographer: Elizabeth Stilwell

Salzburg Global Seminar Report

Salzburg Global Seminar recently published a report on our session “Beyond Green: The Arts as a Catalyst for Sustainability”. We want to take this opportunity to share the creative thinking that took place in Salzburg with you!

As you will see in the attached report, it was a very dynamic gathering, with participants from around the globe. We are very excited about this program and the momentum that has built around it.

The “art of the possible” is becoming even more relevant as the glow of the Climate Change Agreement adopted in Paris at the end of 2015 gives way to the more sober, and challenging, process of implementation on national and local levels. The arts can be a powerful catalyst to accelerate the changes that need to happen, sooner rather than later!

An online version of the report can also be found here:

Please feel free to share these materials with others who might be interested, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have about the Beyond Green session. Thank you in advance for your interest!

University of Auckland – PhD Project in Transdisciplinary Art-Science Sustainability Research

The role of culture and artistic practice in contributing to sustainability research and science communication is becoming increasingly recognised. Artistic methods of community engagement have the potential to engage diverse publics in debating, understanding and contributing to vital decisions about the management of oceans, waterways and public spaces. 

We offer a PhD Scholarship in Transdisciplinary Art-Science Sustainability Research between the departments of Dance Studies, Creative Arts and Industries, and School of Environment, Faculty of Science. This scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise (MBIE) towards the project; Sustainable Seas; Navigating Marine Social-Ecological Systems. 

This position provides an opportunity to develop critical thinking and practice in the field of art-science collaboration toward environmental sustainability, particularly in regard to public perceptions of trust in regard to marine eco-systems. 

The art-science element of this project involves developing creative means for public engagement, with the aim of contributing to a paradigm shift in the way New Zealand views, governs and manages its marine estate. This shift is needed to balance the enhanced use of marine resources and good environmental stewardship, while meeting the aspirations and rights of society.

Candidates suitable for this position will have proven ability to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries. They must have an Honours or Master’s Degree with a substantive research thesis component. We are seeking applicants with a background in either arts or environmental sciences, able to contribute to the development of practice-led, transdisciplinary sustainability research, that involves working with artists, general public, iwi and social scientists. Specialisation may lie in performance research, science communication, digital media expertise, environmental humanities, social sciences, intercultural engagement, narrative research, relational ontologies.  We will select a candidate who is self-motivated, with good verbal and written communication skills, has an excellent academic record and the background necessary to successfully undertake this research.

The School of Dance Studies and The School Environment at the University of Auckland both provide an excellent forum for trans-disciplinary research. Our Schools have extensive collaborative research relationships with other academic departments within the University, with other universities both in New Zealand and overseas and with key research institutes. This research project is trans-disciplinary; candidates will be required to develop their research against a background of art-science collaboration, thinking between creative practice, social sciences, critical theory, policy development and marine science.  Support for the PhD project includes: a stipend of NZ$30,000 per annum for up to three years (this includes fees and an annual stipend of approximately $24,000NZD); a Postgraduate Research Student Support scheme designed to facilitate academic and professional development through conference attendance and short term hosting by relevant institutions.  The advisory team will comprise Dr Alys Longley (Creative Arts and industries), Dr Karen Fisher (School of Environment), and Dr Carolyn Lundquist (Institute of Marine Science, University of Auckland). 

How to apply: Potential candidates must have an Honours or Masters degree (or equivalent). The nature of the research project means that candidates from a variety of academic backgrounds may be considered. Interested candidates should email a cover letter outlining their background and a CV to Dr Alys Longley or Dr Karen Fisher by 1 July 2016.

PhD Scholarship-Ak-UniSustainable Seas8June

ENVISION: Closing Celebration of VisionLA Fest ’15

ENVISION, the closing celebration for VisionLA Fest ’15, is a convergence of artists, environmentalists, and concerned citizens from all across Los Angeles who believe the creativity and ingenuity of the Arts & Cultural sector can help manifest a truly sustainable future. Join us as we celebrate our collective efforts, recognize some of the artists and producers who have presented work at VisionLA Fest, and award local leaders for their passionate stewardship of our environment.

The event will feature music from DJ Jedi as well as a full installation dance / concert from Los Angeles based String Theory Productions. L.A.’s Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez will kick the evening off with an original piece. Enjoy food from Mama’s Hot Tamales, wine and beer, all INCLUDED with the price of admission.

This ZERO WASTE event is hosted by Arts Earth Partnership – authors of the first state-recognized arts and cultural green business certification program in the world, based right here in Los Angeles. Come mingle, network, and help celebrate the transformative power of the arts!

Have questions about ENVISION: Closing Celebration of VisionLA Fest ’15? Contact Arts Earth Partnership