iLANDing Laboratories Initiative

This post comes to you from Cultura21 Request for Proposals – 2015 iLANDing Laboratories Initiative Due October 20 send to info [at] ilandart [dot] org Following the successful inaugural year of the iLANDing Laboratory Initiative, the program will continue for a second year. The 2015 iLANDing Laboratories will continue in an experimental format as a

New Case Study: Data Collection at the Fringe Reuse and Recycle Days

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Running since 2009, the Fringe Reuse and Recycle Days occur at the end of each Edinburgh Festival Fringe season, and provide an opportunity for those performing individuals and production companies to donate any materials from their Fringe run that they no longer need or cannot take with them when leaving

York University seeks Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Information Design, Advocacy and the Environment

The School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD), formerly known as the Faculty of Fine Arts, at York University is seeking an outstanding researcher to be nominated for a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in the area of Information Design, Advocacy and the Environment. The successful candidate will be appointed to a tenure

The People’s Weather Report

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world – now more than ever. Last year was one of the hottest on record internationally, but the sceptics keep pumping their rhetoric into the atmosphere, almost as fast and furiously as we’re polluting it. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude and

The Mojave Project, experimental transmedia documentary by Kim Stringfellow, has launched

The Mojave Project is an experimental transmedia documentary by Kim Stringfellow exploring the physical, geological and cultural landscape of the Mojave Desert. The Mojave Project reconsiders and establishes multiple ways in which to interpret this unique and complex landscape, through association and connection of seemingly unrelated sites, themes, and subjects thus creating a speculative and immersive

Julie’s Bicycle Presents Value and Cultural Spaces Oct 2

Julie’s Bicycle and the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse invite you to join a conversation about cultural buildings and the pivotol role they play in understanding values and shaping resilient creative communities. Over the last decade the idea that culture, communities, economics and the environment – in short ‘sustainability’ – are intimately connected has become pretty

Artivism – Artist talk by Shai Zakai

This post comes to you from Cultura21 Ecological artist, photographer, curator, writer Shai Zakai will give a talk about her projects and artworks, a taste from twenty years of ‘artivism’, for ecological and social change. Among the projects – Concrete Creek- reclamation of a stream as an artwork, Forest Tunes- The Library – installation and books, Presencehood

CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures: Theories, Practices, Policies

Is culture the fourth pillar of sustainability, alongside the ecological, economic and social aspects? How does culture act as a catalyst for ecological sustainability, human well-being and economic viability? What would our futures look like if sustainability was embedded in the multiple dimensions of culture, including different worldviews and values, ways of life, and other

Reflections on Air falbh leis na h-eòin / Away with the Birds

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Although only part of Tuulikki’s work, the Canna performance of Away with the Birds focused on the vocal composition, Guth an Eòin/Voice of the Bird. The artist states that the work “explores the delicate equilibrium of Hebridean life, the co-existence of tradition and innovation, and suggests the ever-present

HighWaterLine Bristol

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Produced by Invisible Dust and Creative Catalysts, HighWaterLine was a project originally conceived by artist Eve Mosher in New York City. The original HighWaterLine was drawn at the 10-foot above sea level line in New York City in 2007. Much of the area covered by this line flooded during Hurricane

Content of Nothing :: Part 7 :: Making and Writing

This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland Judy Spark: We have talked about ‘hope’ and about ‘wonder’ but looking around at those mechanisms that will seek to commodify almost every realm of human endeavour the second it appears, it’s easy to feel a bit dispirited sometimes, despite the legions of creative practitioners who are standing

Julie’s Bicycle Presents Creative Sustainability Sept 24

Join Julie’s Bicycle and guest speakers for a day of practical workshops and playful exploration. 10.00 – 18.00 including lunch and a networking reception Cost: FREE What does a sustainable future look like for the creative community? How will our practice flourish? How can we contribute to the emerging green economy? Combining expert talks with

New Resource- Creating and Updating a Travel Policy

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland As part of our commitment to set sustainable examples through our actions, we have recently reviewed and updated our policy regarding business travel. The policy is adaptable to other organisations of a similar nature and location, and contains valuable research about “best practices” for travel within and outwith

Julie’s Bicycle Data Lab Showcase September 23

Julie’s Bicycle and Watershed invite you to an evening of playful enquiry about data and environmental sustainability in the creative industries. As the world gets more connected, we are surrounded by data devices, networks and infrastructure. We collect data on everything from energy consumption to weather predictions but this data rarely feels accessible or tangible.

Edinburgh Green Tease Reflections: Discussions with Eco Drama

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Eco Drama is a Scottish theatre company that aims to “embed sustainability and ecology at the heart of the experience,” touring their productions predominantly to school and community groups. Reid explained that in founding the company she was “keen to develop an arts practice that did things a little differently,” which

#GreenFests Highlights: “Are the arts in Scotland radical enough?”

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Speakers David Greig, theatre writer, and John Tusa, former Barbican Centre managing director, shared their thoughts with chair Dolina MacLennan and the audience participants. Greig began by sharing memories of a time when radicalism was prominent in the Scottish art scene, reaching its peak in the 1980’s around

Open Call – Emergent Ecologies » Oceanic Performance Biennial

Oceanic Performance Biennial 2015 & PSi #21 Fluid States  CALL FOR ABSTRACTS DUE DATE: OCTOBER 30, 2014 GET PDF VERSION OF CALL HERE: OPB_Call_2015_VOct30 SEE FLUID STATES bLOG HERE: SUBMIT ABSTRACT VIA THIS LINK: The Oceanic Performance Biennial is a platform established by the Emergent Ecologies Lab to engage multiple publics in critiques and re-imaginings of the

Notes from Underground: The Depths of Environmental Arts, Culture and Justice

This post comes to you from Cultura21 Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) Eleventh Biennial Conference, June 23- 27, 2015 University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho THE CONFERENCE WEBSITE (INCLUDING SUBMISSIONS PAGE) WILL BE LIVE IN SEPTEMBER, 2014: In Notes from Underground (1864), Dostoyevsky explores relations between modernity and its discontents at an important historical

EARTH (a play about people)

A couple faced with the possibility of having a child embark on separate journeys through time and space.  A multidisciplinary theatrical event exploring the personal, social and environmental questions surrounding contemporary issues of overpopulation. Created collaboratively and remotely by international teams of artists and scientists based on limitations inspired by the Voyager Golden Record. EARTH is

Fringe Reuse and Recycle Days 2014: Video highlights

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland The Fringe Reuse and Recycle Days were more popular than ever this year, with many companies bringing and swapping items. We were fortunate to have photographer Julien Pearly capturing the two-day event. His video (below) shows the amount of traffic in and out of Fringe Central. More information