Opportunity: Reduce business energy costs and receive up to £10k

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Take out an unsecured Scottish Government SME Loan to pay for upgrades and receive 30% cashback By making energy efficiency improvements most businesses can save on average around £8,000 each year. Over five years that’s a whopping £40,000. Or, if you prefer to think in percentages, you could

Biennale Architettura 2018

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog For this month’s renewable energy series, I revisit one of my favorite subjects: the critical role of architects in the global fight against climate change, using the upcoming Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 as an entry point. ______________________________ In 2018, I will attend my first Biennale

Commission: Outdoor Sculptures

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Two artists will be assigned a commission: one artist will come from the Midlothian area and one from the City of Edinburgh. Salary/fee: Up to £35,000 per sculpture (including artist fees, engineer fees, public engagement activities, design, materials, fabrication and installation). General description of the project: A high

Opportunity: CGTrader Digital Art Competition

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland CGTrader has just launched the Digital Art Competition with prizes worth more than $60,000. CGTrader, one of the leading 3D model marketplaces in the world with over 1.2 million users, has started the Digital Art Competition, which welcomes all CG artists (both 2D and 3D)! Upload up to

2017 Annual Report launched on #GreenArts Day!

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland The 2017 report looks back at the work of the Green Arts community over the past year, and the incredible work being undertaken by members to reduce their carbon emissions and to make sustainability a core part of their work. Read the full 2017 report here (PDF). Findings from

NYC Monthly fire-side gatherings

Kinstillatory Mappings in Light and Dark Matter Choreographer/director Emily Johnson of Emily Johnson Catalyst invites participants for her upcoming fire-side gatherings in New York city. A monthly fire-side gathering on the Lower East Side Beginning this Friday, March 16, 7-10pm Join them every month from March to July for bonfires in the Abrons ampitheater, just

Life Imitates Art Imitates Life

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog October 8, 2016. As soon as I exited the garage across the street from the theatre, the rain pelted the windshield much more quickly than the wipers could whisk it away. The neighborhood was as black as my rented Nissan Altima. The power had gone

News: UK Festivals Get Smart with Power and Travel

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland A major shift in the way UK festivals approached energy management and travel planning in 2017 has been revealed in the annual Festival & Events Industry Green Survey. The Event Industry Green Survey 2017, run by festival think-tank Powerful Thinking, revealed the percentage of UK festivals actively working with

The Artist Deep in The Heart of Environmental Awareness

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog Environmental advocate Edward Abbey stated that “It is no longer sufficient to describe the world of nature. The point is to defend it.” In recent years, we have witnessed increased devastation brought on by natural disasters whose causes can be traced back to man-made damage

Report on AALERT

This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland This is a quick and personal reflection on the Art and Artists in Landscape and Environmental Research Today workshop (AALERT) held at the National Gallery London 15 Feb jointly sponsored by the Landscape Research Group and the Valuing Nature Programme of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), and supported by the Landscape & Arts Network.

Blog: Embedding Artists in Sustainability Contexts

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Creative Carbon Scotland’s work placement Elly White shares what she’s been up to so far on her six-week placement, contributing to our culture/SHIFT project and our plans for a sharing event in early March run with North Edinburgh Arts. My name is Elly White and since the end

Open Call: Ice-Themed Writing, Art & Music

Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents is seeking the following addressing the theme of “Ice Culture”: Nonfiction — Not to exceed 2,000 words Poetry — Not to exceed three poems Fiction — Not to exceed 2,000 words Visual Art — Up to 3 works Photography — Up to 3 works Music — Up to 3 songs Artists,

Presentation: On The Deep Wealth Of This Nation

This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland Launch and Live screening: ​Friday 9 March, 7pm Live streamed from California: Newton Harrison of the Harrison Studioand The Center for the Study of the Force Majeure (CFM) sets out a vision for Scotland and for the River Dee. Following on from his lecture in the early autumn, The Barn is delighted to host

Open Call: Artists and Researchers GYAC 2018, Tokyo

The 2018 GAMMA Young Artists Competition seeks artists’ and researchers’ work for submission and participation in the GYAC 2018 initiative in Tokyo. Submissions should follow the theme of Global Landscape of Sustainable Art. Applicants should meet the following criteria: • Demonstrates critical reflection on practices to create ecological, social, political and economic value. • Suggests works through

Tim Collins: What is Landscape Justice and Why Does it Matter?

This post comes to you from EcoArtScotland In the second of two pieces resulting from Landscape Research Group(LRG) events, Tim Collins (with input from Reiko Goto) reports on the Debate focused on Landscape Justice held in London on Wednesday 7 December 2017. At this event, landscape justice issues discussed included deeply troubling, indeed dark and bloody national narratives underpinning what is

Open Call: Off-Grid Artist Residency

Joya: Air seeks applicants for an off-grid residency for international artists and writers. They are accepting applications for the April, May, and June 2018 residencies. Application DEADLINE 23rd March 2018 DISCIPLINES AND MEDIA: Interdisciplinary: Visual Art / Sculpture / Ceramics (enquire before applying) / Dance / Theatre / Performing Arts / Music / Writing /

The Top 10 Initiatives in the Netherlands!

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog The Netherlands, that small country with big ambitions that lies below sea level, has been battling water and trying to outsmart it for decades. Traditionally, our strategies have included using dikes and reclaiming land, as well as developing the iconic Dutch windmill to generate energy.

Imagining Water, #6: Techno Floods

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog The sixth in a year-long series on artists who are making the topic of water a focus of their work and on the growing number of exhibitions, performances and publications that are popping up in museums, galleries and public spaces around the world with water

Get involved in #GreenArts Day: Wednesday 14th March

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Join in with #GreenArts day on Wednesday 14 March to share your work, find out more about what is currently taking place in the cultural sector, what sustainability in the arts looks like, and how we all can contribute to a more sustainable Scotland. What can I expect

Indoor Solar

This post comes from the Artists and Climate Change Blog When thinking about solar energy, most of us conjure up images of rectangular arrays of blue photovoltaic (PV) panels covering rooftops or stretched across fields, abandoned mines, former landfills and even water. Not to mention planes, boats and cars. Or even, as described in my