Cut Down Your Bills and Maintenance Costs with Solar Pool Heating

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Solar pool heating systems, just as the term suggests, heat pool water through the use of infrared rays that are radiated from the sun.

Research conducted in various parts of the world over the past couple of years has shown that a significant number of individuals and businesses have been opting for solar pool heater solutions, as opposed to the conventional ones.

This is due to their cost effectiveness and the fact that it’s environmentally friendly.

How Solar Pool Heating Works

What could make them more comfortable?

These kits work by using the sun’s energy to regulate water temperatures. Positioned on the roof of the home, on the ground, or in any clear area, panels absorb heat from sunlight. Tubing connects the pool to each solar panel, and water transfers heat from the panels to the main body of water.

These systems can be used to cool warm water found after a hot day. Instead of heating the water, the panels act as giant heatsinks at night, sapping the energy out into the cooler air. Most homeowners don’t want to take a dip in water nearly warm enough to pass as a hot tub.

Estimating the Cost of Setup:

The solar pool heating systems might cost anything between $4,500 and $7,000 including installation. They have to be built according to your pool size so that perfect heating can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The most widely used alternative electric heat pump heaters cost $3,500 – $4,500 whereas the least effective gas pool heaters may be priced between the range of $1,000-$1,500.
Besides the upfront cost, the thermal regulation provides months of additional comfort at little operational cost. Heating panels do not use costly photovoltaics, the technology used to generate electricity in some types of solar panels.

Instead, these panels use the heat directly from the sun, eliminating the need for expensive photovoltaic panels and electric heaters, which only last a few years outdoors anyway.
Again the solar energy is acquired freely which provides a consistent supply of energy, significantly reducing the operational cost.
Water heating requires an amount of electricity to run a water pump from the main body to each solar panel, but its energy requirements pale in comparison to an electric heater.

Its warming effects for pools are noticeable and comforting, extending the season for swimmers.

Below are ways that Solar heating helps you save money.

No Fuel Consumption:

Solar heaters for pools are designed with advanced technology, which harnesses sun’s energy for heating your pool water. This avoids the use of any other kind of fuel for heating, which results in the lowest annual costs in operation compared to any other fuel consuming pool heating technologies.

Low Heating Maintenance:

Solar heating has a simple design with inexpensive parts, solar heaters for pools require little ongoing maintenance to keep working. After installing the solar heater, all it requires is an annual inspection, which will make your pool-owning experience more enjoyable.

Low Installation Cost:

Despite being considered latest technology, solar heaters for pools are simple in design, which can be installed easily. You can expect an affordable installation for solar powered pool heaters.

Saving on the Utility Costs:

If your thinking of replacing your gas pool heater with a solar powered one then the cost of the solar setup can be recouped within two to three years based on utility savings. Solar powered pool heaters run by drawing energy from the sun, which is one of the most abundant and free fuel sources.

Effective Heating:

Solar heaters for pools not only save a large amount of money and energy but also work with a clean energy source. You can expect your pool to be at a comfortable temperature for enjoying a nice swimming and soaking experience.

The Durability of Solar Heating:

The average life span of a solar powered pool heater is between 20 to 25 years and which can go up as the time passes by. Some solar heaters come with warranties and quality certificate as well as assures of an after-sale service.

Because of the investment necessary to complete such a renovation, only qualified professional contractors should design and install solar pool heating systems. Different states and communities have different building codes, and different climates require different materials. They will also provide necessary information for freeze protection, maintenance and repair.

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