Protecting the worlds eco-structure and making the world a better place

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Eco-Structure consists of various elements of earth that link together to form what we call as ‘mother nature’. It consists of elements like Soil, Water, Air, Trees, Human beings, Animals, Birds and living organisms and non-living elements.

Every element in this chain has their importance and play their part, for example, air keeps living beings alive, soil helps produce food, water gives life to living beings and provides shelter to various other forms of life. Breaking up of any link of eco-structure will have a grave consequence on the existence of all others. Just imagine if all water is polluted or all of the air is polluted this will result in diseases in all form of life and life on earth can get extinct.

The most complex link in this chain is us i.e Humans, as we are ultimate consumers of offerings of other links also we have the power and knowledge to tame and use all other elements as per our needs hence it is us that has ultimate responsibility for protecting the eco structure.


Some of the ways in which we can protect and maintain eco-structure are –

1) Educate others – First and most important thing we can do is to make others aware of the importance of eco-structure and dangerous consequence we all have to face if we let it degrade.

2) Responsible Agriculture – Agriculture is one of the major occupation of people of the world (especially in less advanced countries) and is under immense pressure to support ever increasing population hence often end up using harmful chemicals to protect crops. These pollute soil, water and food.

3) Responsible Instrurialisation – Second major occupation after agriculture is industries. we should be responsible that chemicals and waste from our industry are not directly let into water or air hence polluting the environment and risking the survival of a nearby community.

4) Peace and Harmony among people of the world – Conflicts between nations lead to Weapon race and ultimately wars. Today’s weapons have the capability to destroy a community, region or country. It’s important for all of us to spread harmony and live in peace.

An Arts & Ecology Notebook, by Cathy Fitzgerald, whose work exists as ongoing research and is continually inspired to create short films, photographic documentation, and writings. While she interacts with foresters, scientists, and communities, she aims to create a sense of a personal possibility, responsibility and engagement in her local environment that also connects to global environmental concerns.

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