Yearly Archives: 2008

Europe, Globalisation and Sustainable Development. by Baxter, Brian

This book explores whether Europe can produce a sustainable future and the difficulties presented by globalisation. Focusing on politics and policy, this edited volume considers the ways in which European states and the European Union can and should organize themselves economically and socially in order to address the challenges of sustainable development.

The One Straw Revolution by Masanob, Fukuoka

Scientist Fukuoka practices a system of farming he refers to as “natural farming.” In The One Straw Revolution, he describes the philosophy and techniques behind it and the impact of his natural farming methods. Although some of his practices are specific to Japan, the governing philosophy of his method has successfully been applied around the world.

Making ‘People-Friendly’ Towns: Improving the Public Environment in Towns and Cities by Tibbalds, Francis

Francis Tibbalds provides a new philosophical approach to the problem of urban environments and town planning, suggesting that places as a whole matter much more than the individual components that make up the urban environment such as buildings, roads and parks.