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Blog round up

Bruce Sterling at Wired blogs on a Grist post about Austin, Texas, announcing it’s going to create a “smart grid” – the radical resource-saving electricity grid championed by people like Thomas Friedman here.

Jeremy Deller’s Palais Tokio blog, about his Palais de Tokio Carte Blanche show (on until Jan 19) has a great, joyous video Deller video on it. Audio stuff coming soon.

Eco Art Blog is amused by the number of greenwashing ads in a magazine he picks up:

Oops, here’s another one. This time for Pulstar, “the world’s first
eco-friendly spark plug.” I once again cringe at my use of “eco” in the
name for this blog, but I guess this company couldn’t come up with
anything better either.

Expose Maximum has some photographs of some of the installations from the 48oC Festival taking place in New Delhi. (Michaela Crimmin of RSA Arts and Ecology is there to deliver a talk/provocation this weekend and has just sent an email saying it’s an “incredible initiative”). Delhi Greens is blogging it.

The Ashden Directory blog references our David Lan interview to say: “David Lan gets it“.

Free Soil lists this symposium on bioart, guerilla and avant-gardening taking place in Rotterdam on 19th December, run by The Institute for the Unstable Media. It’ll be live streamed.

V2 Events: LIFE & ART 1: TransAgriculture December 19, 2008, 10.00am-5.30pm, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam 


Finaly RealClimate writes one of those essays we love to read on an early-20th Century scientific dispute, The case of the midwife toad, when Lamarkians gained a boost from a scientist whose work appeared to overturn Darwin’s model. The eagerness with which maverick scientist Paul Kammer’s theories were received by the public and the press has interesting parallels with the way climate change deniers are given oxygen in the popular media.

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About Knowledge Bank

Welcome to the eco-cultural frontier…

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A forum for sharing ideas between those directly involved at Arcola, those working on similar initiatives elsewhere and those who want to know more. You are invited to read and contribute, real-time and uncensored…

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RSA Arts and Ecology interview with Alan Sonfist

Alan Sonfist

If you’re looking for great writing about eco-art on the web, check out RSA Arts and Ecology’s online magazine. They recently published an interview with artist Alan Sonfist that is not only a great overview of the evolution of environmental art, it’s a fabulous breakdown of the blurring of cultural lines that comes with the work. Also, the last line of the interview contains one of the best quotes on the topic I’ve read.

Within the 21st century we have to redefine the role of the artist as an individual who is actively seeking solutions to improve our world.

– Alan Sonfist

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Artist to Artist International 2009

Visiting Arts and the Delfina Foundation‘s Artist-to-Artist scheme invites practicing UK-based artists to partner with artists of their choice from a list of mainly Middle-Eastern countries, allowing them to travel to the UK for a one-week exchange of ideas and experiences. The emphasis is on the development and research process rather than production, free from any obligation to produce a prescribed outcome. This call is also open to artists from the countries on the Artist-to-Artist list.

Guandu International Sculpture Festival Taiwan

Call for submissions: 2009 Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival – Focus on Land, Water and Culture, Guandu Nature Park, Taipei, Taiwan, June 12– September 27, 2009.Deadline for entries, February 1, 2009. Artists from all countries are invited to send proposals for temporary site-specific sculpture installations that raise awareness about environmental issues related to land, water and culture.