OPPORTUNITY: The 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition—Opens on February 5th, 2019 Agora Gallery is pleased to invite artists from across the globe to enter the 34th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Selected artists will receive prizes and opportunities that will grant invaluable exposure, boost recognition, and promote career growth. The 2019 competition awards are valued

News: Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents: Ice Culture

Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents: Ice Culture features art, music and literature. Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents: Ice Culture explores the beauty and mystery of our world’s ice, and reveals the necessity of ice to our human survival. The project explores the traditions and cultures of people connected to ice from the Arctic Circle to

The Birth of a Climate Commons for Theatre and Performance

by Lanxing Fu On a weekend in June, I sat in a blackbox theatre for three days with a group of mostly strangers. We talked. We ate. We laughed. We challenged. We listened. I heard the same refrain over and over again those three days. Wow, I’m so happy to be with others for once. It’s

OPPORTUNITY: CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS! Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism

Proposals for 20-minute contributions for Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism. The event: Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism Glasgow Women’s Library Saturday 30th March 2019 10am-4pm Global ecological activism is built on the work of women. Yet the value of women’s environmental campaigning and action often remains invisible. Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism,

What Gives You Hope?

The least we can say is that 2018 has been challenging – politically, socially, environmentally. At times, many times, it seemed like for every step forward, we took two steps back. Not only did the political pendulum swing dangerously towards authoritarianism this year, but basic civil rights were taken away, and our sense of safety

Opportunity: Call for applications for artists residency on Urban Rejuvenation

Residency in Luxembourg for young European visual artists to work on the theme of urban rejuvenation The European Investment Bank Institute is looking for ONE visual artist (born after 1 January 1984) from an EU Member State to work on the theme of “Urban rejuvenation: Limerick as a source of inspiration”. The beneficiaries will be

Imagining Water, #15: When Antarctica Comes to Town

Environmental artist Xavier Cortada is highly passionate about the reality of rising seas, the loss of biodiversity and how the inevitable floods to come will literally “drown” his hometown of Miami, Florida. In response to this urgent existential threat, Cortada has focused much of his recent work on climate change within his own community, including:

Applications Open: Regenerative Travel MFA for Artists of the Anthropocene

The Nomad/9 MFA offers artists a relevant, field-based approach to graduate studies. Created in 2015, Nomad/9 is a rigorous, low-residency program with a high-impact curriculum that includes ecology, history, culture, and craft. The curriculum provides a thoughtfully curated set of residencies which augment each student’s in-depth thesis advising with artists Christy Gast and Mary Mattingly.


[all info on www.cuntemporary.org/open-call-for-ecofutures] Arts Feminism Queer (CUNTemporary) is now accepting proposals for ‘Deep Trash: Eco Trash’ & ‘Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art & Visual Cultures’, which will be part of the larger programme ‘EcoFutures’, taking place in (London, UK) in April 2019. The programme will explore urgent topics ranging from ecological disasters and their impact

Watch: “Improve Scotland” the winning entry from Levenmouth Adapts’ Creative Minds competition

“Improve Scotland” is the captivating winning entry from the “Creative Minds” competition held in November 2018 which saw Creative Industries students from Fife College set a 48-hour challenge to produce imaginative creative works responding to climate change impacts in Levenmouth. In the film, Improve Scotland’s intrepid reporter Chris Peacock takes to the streets – and

Our Renewable Energy Series: Two Years Old and Going Strong

With this post, I celebrate my fourth anniversary writing for Artists and Climate Change, this diverse online community of passionate artists using their collective voice to shift the global climate change conversation from despair to hope, from apathy to action. It has been a wonderful experience – both personal and professional – especially for a

New film ‘The Carbon Farmer’ paints a bright future for UK Peatland conservation, agriculture and climate action.

In their current state the UK’s peatlands are a source of around 20 million tonnes of CO2 (equivalent) per year – this is the same as the yearly emissions from electricity use in two and a half million homes. A new short film premiers possibilities for achieving a brighter carbon future. The Carbon Farmer –

Annual Year in Review Part 2: Space for Healing

This year, I had the chance to see many resonant theatrical presentations take the New York stage (see more in Part 1). To send off 2018, the Persistent Acts series looks back at the intersection of performance and contemporary issues, and how these particular productions held space for complexity and spurred reflection. You can revisit

Open Call: Scene on Sustainability

Download the call for papers, deadline 15 January 2019. Scene invites submissions for it’s special issue on: Scene on Sustainability – from any angle covered by the UN SDGs. (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?menu=1300) and the intersections of arts, design, performance and any aspects of the creative and cultural industries. The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve

Call for Papers Special Issue for December 2019: “Water”

Theatre Journal is delighted to announce two upcoming special issues: “Theatre and the Nonhuman” and “Water” with deadlines in January and February 2019. Please contact individual issue editors with questions. We welcome your submissions. The 2011 appointment of an emergency manager to take over the city of Flint, under Michigan’s controversial “Emergency Manager” law had disastrous

Julie’s Bicycle Creative Green Awards 2018: Meet the Winners!

Julie’s Bicycle announce the winners for the 2018 Creative Green Awards Julie’s Bicycle is proud to announce the winners of the second Creative Green Awards celebrating the many outstanding organisations taking action on climate and the environment. With over 300 Creative Green certificates awarded, the awards are a moment for the sector to showcase their leadership

Wild Authors: Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson is an award-winning author of literary and science fiction; he is widely known for his realism in fiction since he bases his stories on modern scientific theories. He is also known for carefully researching climate and other sciences while planning his stories. His academic research and credentials, and his fiction writing, go

This Sentence: How Do We Comprehend the Effects of Climate Change?

Like you, I read thousands of words in a day, online, in books, on my social media feeds. I’m both a writer and a devourer of words: does that make me a cannibal? I love words, can’t get enough– Yet, I can’t get through this sentence. You try. Wild animal populations dropped by 58 percent

An Interview with Photographer and Filmmaker Nathan Kensinger

Happy holidays! I hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourselves as the weather changes and the holiday obligations start to pile up.  The latest in climate change news is of course the Fourth National Climate Assessment, released on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Other climate communicators have already weighed in on

Shaping New Climate Narratives: Why a Journalist/Historian Turned to Theatre for Climate Stories

Earlier this year, taking a front row seat at a church in Gary, Indiana, I watched as a young rapper, local food leader and an arts educator beguiled a standing-room-only audience with a theatrical envisioning of their city in the year 2030. To the side of the stage, jazz legend Billy Foster and his trio