Throwing Light on Your Lighting Choices

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Fiona MacLennan writes: I recently attended a seminar, arranged by Green Business Fife and NJS Lighting Solutions, on the use of LED lighting – Making the Right Choice. We had excellent contributions from a range of speakers, which included designers, manufacturers and suppliers as well as a case

Sustainable Art Inspires at the Churchill Theatre

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland The work they produced was exhibited at the Churchill Theatre and their learning was captured in a film we bring you below. I had no idea of the fantastic artwork, inspiring stories and creative learning that would come from our project, The Lifecycle of Stuff, for which I

Dollars to $ense: Energy Conservation Workshop from ArtsBuild Ontaio

Arts organizations can learn new ways to make their arts facility more sustainable and energy efficient at our Dollars to $ense Energy Conservation Workshop on February 10!  ArtsBuild Ontario is excited to be partnering with Natural Resource Canada and Toronto Hydro to offer our arts organizations this valuable energy conservation training experience. Designed specifically for arts facilities, participants get to know energy

‘Good Luck, Everybody’ – the theatres of ArtCOP Scotland: Part II

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland ‘BY LEAVES WE LIVE’ AND BY TREE, ANIMAL, ENERGY In addressing the carbon facts of climate change, the intimate, emotive and perplexing relations between the human and the other-than-human can be side-lined, out of reach of measurement and calculation. But these relations are inseparable from how the climate,

The 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award Toolkit is Live

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland The Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Production Award is back! This official Edinburgh Festival Fringe award (run by the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts and Creative Carbon Scotland, with media partnership from The List) is now in its 7th year, and celebrating the most unique, interesting and considered

‘Good Luck, Everybody’ – the theatres of ArtCOP: Part I

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland During COP21, Paris was a city undergoing the theatre that surrounds a critical decision, the political players negotiating values, profits and survival. Theatre filled the streets, too, replacing the cobblestones of other uprisings with the red lines of inflatables, banners and bodies. Activists breached the Louvre. Glacial ice

Opportunity for Artists: Art_Inbetween Commission

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Art_Inbetween recognises that the scale of communities in rural areas necessitates that art practice works across the full spectrum of society. As such, many rural areas are leading the way in socially-engaged practice that is making a significant difference to the way people live and the places that

From Below: A Visual Arts Reflection on ArtCOP Scotland, Part II

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Read Part I here: A Visual Arts Reflection on ArtCOP Scotland, Part I Glasgow December 12 I take part in an event organised by Creative Carbon Scotland and the Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN). The artists, Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich, talk about their projects including their work with a

H&G, a public outcry – a hysteric fun play about our imminent demise

Wild Art is a firecracker new performance company based in Los Angeles.  Its inaugural production, H&G, a public outcry is a hysteric fun play about our imminent demise.  A hyperbolic performance about America’s blooming new fear of extreme weather caused by climate change, the audience is placed in the shoes of Hansel & Gretel to

Skyward: Painting and Prints by Sukey Bryan

Castilleja School, Anita Seipp Gallery in conjunction with Global Week on Climate Change Palo Alto, California January 4 – February 10, 2016 Closing Reception: Tuesday, February 9, 5-7pm  Passing, oil on canvas, 75 x 107″, 2014 Gallery Hours:  9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and by appointment. For further information, please contact Deborah Trilling

Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics in Theatre & Performance

Principal Editor – Carole-Anne Upton , Middlesex University ( Associate Editors Clare Finburgh, University of Essex ( Lourdes Orozco, University of Leeds ( Reviews Editor –  James Hudson, University of Leeds Performing Ethos is a double-blind peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal which considers ethical questions relating to contemporary theatre and live performance. Global in scope, it provides a unique forum for rigorous

From Below: A Visual Arts Reflection on ArtCOP Scotland, Part I

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland The first in a two-part series written by Moira Jeffrey on ArtCOP Scotland as she travelled throughout Scotland visiting galleries and organisations participating in the two week long event. “The old concept used to be: first we make the political revolution and then the cultural revolution. Now we

Opportunity: Remake/Respond/Repeat Workshop

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland In this four-week project, you’ll experiment and make new artwork in response to ideas and techniques shown in our current exhibition Another Minimalism: Art After California Light and Space. You’ll work with artist Jake Bee and your peers to explore the creative potential of colour, light, space and materials using a range of everyday objects

Opportunity: Competition for Young Designers

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Theme for 2016: PACKAGE UNLIMITED! Create a package with secondary use. We are looking for imaginative, multi-functional and detailed packages that can be used for several purposes. Create an innovative package and show how packaging doesn’t have to end up in the trash. Think of a package that

Opportunity for Students: Exhibition Works Needed

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland As part of the upcoming Glasgow Goes Green Festival, Jenny from R A D I A L, an artist and designer working with reclaimed materials, is co-ordinating an exhibition of the very best examples of reuse work from the creative student community. We’re  looking for contributions of inventive, curious

Opportunity: Green Champions Training

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Resource Efficient Scotland are offering a free one day workshop at Edinburgh Zoo on the 24th of March (10:00-16:00) for influencers looking to gain the skills and knowledge needed to become the workplace’s Green Champion. Get all the skills you need to develop a resource efficiency action plan

A Magical Cardboard for Forrest by French Artist Eva Jospin

This post comes from MELD Sculptor Eva Jospin constantly reinvents the idea of what a forest is over and over again. She cuts, layers, arranges, glues and builds cardboard into different interpretations of The Woods. Her pieces range from smaller 2D pictures compiled from dense sticks, branches and flaky bits of wood, to life size

Street Artists and Muralists to Paint All 314 Threatened North American Birds

This post comes from MELD The National Audubon Society estimates that there are more than 800 birds in North America, though it has only collected and analyzed data on just over 590 of these animals. Of these catalogued avian species, 314 birds are classified as threatened; much of this threat is attributable to human-caused climate

Fields of Green Launches EP at Celtic Connections

This post comes from Creative Carbon Scotland Back in 2007, while on tour with cult singer-songwriter Vashti Bunyan, sitting on her third aeroplane of the day in a holding pattern above an American city, Jo Mango had a revelation about the potential impact of her itinerant job on the world and on herself. That moment

Future Scenarios – Applications surgery and networking event

Join us for an evening exploring why scenarios are such a key element of climate change research and politics, and also why it is important to invite a wider range of perspectives on these themes. In December 2015, University of Sheffield and the Open University launched Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios. This funded programme