Adaptations Residencies at A Studio in the Woods

A Studio in the Woods is now accepting applications for Adaptations: Living with Change Residencies. Residencies are 6 weeks, will take place between September 2019 and May 2020, and include a $2500 stipend and $2000 materials budget. The call is open to artists of all disciplines who have demonstrated an established dialogue with environmental and

Creativity to help Glasgow City Region respond to Climate Crisis

The Embedded Artist to work with Climate Ready Clyde and Creative Carbon Scotland as part of the Cultural Adaptations project has been announced! A writer and theatre producer has been tasked with adding creativity into how the Glasgow City Region adapts to the impacts of climate change. Lesley Anne Rose will help ensure that transformative

Imagining Water #17: Dancing for Fresh Water Everywhere

by Susan Hoffman Fishman  During the first three decades of the 20thcentury, Rudolf von Laban, an Austro-Hungarian dance artist and theorist who is regarded as one of the founders of modern dance in Europe, developed what he called “movement choirs.” Just as vocal choirs are groups of people singing as one, movement choirs, as Laban defined

Opportunity: Theatres Trust launches new grant scheme to improve environmental sustainability of theatres

Up to £20k available for projects that improve the environmental sustainability of theatre buildings The latest round of the Theatre Improvement Scheme, in association with the Wolfson Foundation, will offer theatres grants of up to £20,000 for projects focusing on Improving Environmental Sustainability. Protecting the environment is one of the biggest social issues right now and

Wild Authors: Jo Marshall

by Mary Woodbury It’s hard to believe that we’re up to our tenth author spotlight in this series, but here we are, with an introduction to Jo Marshall, who spent seven years as a volunteer literacy tutor for elementary school students. In the D.C. area, from 1999 to 2006, she worked as the Legal Assistant for

Agriculture and aquaculture, but no culture

Top Image: Newton Harrison, The Deep Wealth of this Nation, Scotland (2018). Detail: one of ten panels. The Scottish Government recently published Climate Ready Scotland: Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2019-2024 A Consultation Draft – the consultation is open through 9th April 2019. The focus of this work is on adaptation rather than mitigation. As Ben Twist of Creative Carbon Scotland explained, mitigation

Wild Authors: John Atcheson

by Mary Woodbury  John Atcheson, a regular contributor to Common Dreams and Think Progress, and an environmental and political fiction author, wrote one of my favorite environmental novels, A Being Darkly Wise. The novel is set in the Boreal forest of British Columbia, with strong influence from the Dunne-za (the real people). In Being, a group of K-street and environmentalist-activist types

The Top 10 Most Exciting Art Institutions in Rural Areas

by Yasmine Ostendorf  In the last decade, the capital of the Netherlands has become incredibly popular with tourists, the giant letters I AMSTERDAM in front of the iconic Rijksmuseum serving as the ultimate selfie backdrop. However, slowly but surely, more and more Amsterdammers started opposing these letters, which had become a symbol of “overbranding” and

Entropy – 10th anniversary of the Black Saturday Fire – February 8, 2009, Victoria, Australia

Fire has been an element of the Australian landscape for tens of thousands of years. The indigenous Aboriginal people used it in a controlled manner to manage fuel loads, and more recently European settlers also used it to clear land for pasture. But out of control wildfire can exact immense devastation on both the natural

Wind Knitting Factory

by Joan Sullivan  I’d love to go on a treasure hunt with Dutch designer Merel Karhof through the backstreets and cul-de-sacs of London or Amsterdam. Karhof, who splits her time between the two cities, has spent more than a decade perfecting what she calls “revealing the unnoticed” in public spaces. Trained at the Design Academy

Ben’s Strategy blog: How we bring about change – Individuals, Organisations and Structures

‘Brave!’ That’s what a fellow theatre director said to me when I quit directing to work on setting up Creative Carbon Scotland. I have an idea they really meant ‘Stupid!’. Whether they’ve changed their mind I don’t know, but Creative Carbon Scotland is eight years old and the climate crisis is now on the agenda

Rising Waters

by Susan Israel  During a period of professional transition, a random opportunity presented me with the chance to use public art to engage people on climate change – something I had wanted to do for several years. This first installation led to an ongoing project which, after five years of incremental growth, is about to

One Body, One World: The Arctic Reality

by Georgia Rose MurrayI am an artist and lecturer from Scotland, currently preparing to leave China, after running an International Postgraduate Art and Design Course at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute for a year. I use the language of painting to explore the mystical reality of Northern landscapes. Given my interest in light and darkness, my

Richard Bowman: Radiant Abstractions

Richard Bowman: Radiant Abstractions opened February 2nd at The Landing gallery in Culver City (Los Angeles), curated by Patricia Watts. Watts has been working with artists estates in the Bay Area since 2014 and has published a book on Bowman (1918-2001), a pioneering artist who decided in the early 1940s, while on a trip to

Guest Blog: Picking a battle – How to find the right subject matter

The first step for any artist is working out what to write about. In this guest blog London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) Soundhub Composer Lillie Harris leads us through what the process was like for her writing her new piece ‘Consumption’ . Before I had even properly started my LSO Soundhub piece, I knew that the

Joya: arte + ecología / AiR is now accepting applications for residencies between 1st May and 14th July 2019.

Joya: arte + ecología / AiR is an “off-grid” interdisciplinary residency rooted in the crossroads of art, ecology and sustainable living practice. It is located in the heart of the Parque Natural Sierra María – Los Vélez, in the north of the province of Almería, Andalucía. Joya: AiR offers abundant time and space for residents

Celebrating Women-Powered Climate Solutions

by Julia Levine Juxtaposing the International Day for Women & Girls in Science with Drawdown solutions, Persistent Acts considers the vitality of women and girls in the climate conversation, and how the arts can play a role in gender parity. Of Drawdown’s 80 published solutions for reversing global warming, three are explicitly about women and

Artists sustainability survey

Alex Brown (Artsadmin) and Tilly Hogrebe (Bow Arts) have created thisartists’ survey as part of a research programme called Accelerator, led by Julie’s Bicycle, on advanced sustainability in the arts and cultural sector. Focussing on sustainable arts practices and the circular economy, the survey aims to map existing art practices and group them around sites of potential

Wild Authors: Peter Heller

by Mary Woodbury Denver resident Peter Heller is a contributor to NPR, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal,and National Geographic Adventure. He has written literary nonfiction and fiction – and he loves the outdoors, so his writing reflects his adventures, including in Hell or High Water: Surviving Tibet’s Tsangpo River, The Whale Warriors: The Battle at the Bottom of the World

It’s All Connected

by Brenda Cummings I am a professional actor, singer, writer and teacher from New York City and New Jersey. I have performed, written for, and worked with children for several decades. I created shows with New York’s Paper Bag Players, toured extensively with the company, created props/costumes, and led workshops in New York and on the