Women of the World: Sing the Algonquin Water Song

by Susan Hoffman Fishman I recently came across a 2018 YouTube video entitled, Sing the Water Song. Its inspiring message and plea for women everywhere to become Keepers of the Water so as to express gratitude for and bring attention to our endangered waters, has prompted me to share the video/song with the readers of

Tickets launched for Green Arts Conference 2019

We’re delighted to announce you can now get your tickets for the Green Arts Conference 2019 which will be held on Tuesday 8th October in Edinburgh. ‘A fun, informal gathering of passionate sustainability experts and actioners. Expect to leave inspired, equipped and surprisingly satisfied with vegan desserts.’ –  2018 Conference Attendee Organised by Creative Carbon Scotland, the Green

Democratized Ecosystems

by Renée Rey Comment With the advent of modernity, the balance of nature has been disrupted by the lightning speed at which human-engineered technologies have ignited. In my telescopic paintings and mixed media artwork, I investigate societal constructs and existential narratives of equality, hierarchy in nature, and human interaction within the physical world. I examine

Open call for artists living in rural and remote locations

A selective membership programme for artists living rurally + interested in art + ecology. Creating a vast global network of connected topographies and reaching to the world’s most isolated places, the Arts Territory Exchange (aTE) facilitates collaboration between artists in remote and wilderness locations such as, islands, deserts, refugee camps, small communities or for those that feel

Ben’s Strategy Blog: Climate thinking-caps on!

This month Ben’s been talking to RFO leaders and Creative Scotland officers about ways to reduce their climate impacts and why they’ve only got a limited amount of time to do it.  I’ve spent the last 10 days travelling the country running discussions with (mostly) the leaders of arts, screen and creative industry organisations that receive three-year funding from Creative Scotland, and some

Wind Tower as Photo Gallery

by Joan Sullivan I’ve spent the lion’s share of the past decade photographing wind turbines from every possible vantage point: from the ground looking up, from the top looking down, from inside the towers and nacelles, from helicopters and drones, and even from the front seat of an 18-wheeler truck delivering 60-meter rotor blades up

‘We Have More Agency Than We Realize’: Curator Lucia Pietroiusti on How the Art World Can Tackle Climate Change

Lucia Pietroiusti, Curator of General Ecology at The Serpentine in London, says, “The more I spend time with the practice of ecological thinking, the more I realize that one solution or a one-toned approach is just not the answer. I am driven by the fact that it is becoming quite clear now that we are

Emissions reporting and carbon management planning update

Creative Carbon Scotland is once again supporting organisations with carbon reduction responsibilities under their funding agreements. Caro Overy will again be working with Creative Carbon Scotland as our Carbon Management Planning Officer and will be available from mid-August to support all organisations required to submit emissions reports and carbon management plans under their funding agreements. This year,

Creative Carbon Scotland Guest Blog: Meaning Making

The fifth in a series of blogs from playwright Lewis Hetherington about his work with Glasgow cycling charity Bike for Good and Creative Carbon Scotland. Stick with me on this one folks. I’ve let my thoughts wonder freely. Do you feel like you’re single when you film? That you’re not in the video or something?

Wild Authors: Edan Lepucki

by Mary Woodbury I was thrilled to chat with Edan Lepucki about her work in the field of climate change and storytelling. She is the author of the novella If You’re Not Yet Like Me and the novels California and Woman No. 17. California debuted at #3 on the New York Times Best Sellers list and was a #1 Best Seller

Artist Opportunity – Public Art Commissions in Edinburgh

Call for artists to take part in an ambitious public art programme in partnership with Vastint. We are working in partnership with international real estate organisation, Vastint, to deliver an ambitious public art programme as part of their building development in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh 2019/2020. This programme will respond to the unique social and industrial heritage

Wild Authors: Marissa Slaven

by Mary Woodbury I talked with Marissa earlier this year after publishing her young adult novel Code Blue (Moon Willow Press, 2018) and thought this novel would be an excellent addition to our focus on spotlighting authors who write global warming fiction for teen and young adult fiction audiences. We’ve entered an age where the world is

Q25: Time & Attention

In an era marked by myriad crises (ecosystem collapse, political and social unrest, growing economic inequity), CSPAQ Issue 25: Time and Attention compiles various frameworks, tactics, and propositions for tuning our attention and contextualizing our place in time. An experimental philosopher, prisoners, a child, and others contribute their diverse perspectives, collectively and constructively building a

Ponderings on Population

by Julia Levine  In honor of the UN’s World Population Day, I reflect on my relationship to the topic of global population. My awareness of the concept of global population was sparked in my high school biology class, while covering carrying capacity in an ecological context. This was the same class that prompted my longstanding

Wild Authors: Octavia Butler

Mary Woodbury  Octavia Butler, an African American science fiction writer, was born in 1947 and died in 2006. A Hugo and Nebula award winner, she wrote fairy tales as a young girl. By the time she was a pre-teen she got her first typewriter, ignoring her Aunt Hazel telling her, “Negroes can’t be writers.” (Source:

COAL Prize 2019 – Call for entries open till 9 September

For its tenth edition in 2019 the COAL Prize will, in collaboration with the Platform on Disaster Displacement and DISPLACEMENT: Uncertain Journeys, tackle an essential subject:  displacement related to disasters and climate change. Since 2009, an estimated one person per second has been displaced following sudden-onset disasters. Disasters such as droughts, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis have left many

The Climate Museum: Taking Action

Nolan Park at Governors IslandNew York City, June 1-October 27, 2019  Young people around the world are demanding that society confront the climate crisis with a new level of urgency—the urgency required for them to have a future they can hold in their minds without dread. They are demanding intergenerational justice. Their voices give us all

An Interview with Artist Sabrina Diaz

by Amy Brady This month I have for you a great interview with Sabrina Diaz, a Miami-based artist who works only with found and donated materials to create her art. (She discusses why in our interview below.) She’s also a member of Fempower, an artist collective led by queer, black, and brown artists whose work

Green Arts Competition: Winner Announced!

This spring we hosted a competition for Green Arts Initiative members to find creative, innovative and exciting idea springing up across the Green Arts community. Now we’re revealing our community winner! The Competition Earlier this year, Creative Carbon Scotland was a runner-up in the Sustrans Scotland ‘ Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge‘, coming runner-up in the category

Using Comedy to Unpack Climate Justice

by Peterson Toscano Some people in the US believe there is a conflict between their faith and accepting the reality of climate change. They look to the Bible to give them guidance and inspiration. After chatting with Evangelical Christians about the question, What Does The Bible Say About Climate Change? I decided to revisit a