Ben’s Strategy Blog: Navigating a future for our arts post-COVID-19

Implicit in much of the discussion about the COVID-19 lockdown is an assumption that we will exit from this pandemic and return to some sort of ‘normal’, albeit possibly a ‘new normal’. However, there is a small but real chance that there is no end in sight for social distancing and that our society, economy

Tiny Coronavirus Stories: ‘New snow has fallen’

By Harriet Shugarman, Kristjan Urm, Maggie Ziegler, Sara Bir Reader-submitted stories of the COVID-19 pandemic, in no more than 100 words. Read past stories here. Submit your own here. Letter from far away The email is from Bangui, steamy capital of the Central African Republic. I’ve been twice to this suffering place, wrecked by French colonialism and corrupt leaders. Alain writes

Please Support Black Lives Matter Toronto

We’re taking a pause from our scheduled feed of projects, opportunities, and ideas about the intersection of sustainability and arts practice to direct your attention elsewhere on this Blackout Tuesday. We don’t have a long statement. We don’t want to hold your attention while black lives are in true crisis. We, instead, would like to

A Building for Your Community

A Building for your Community is a free online series of information. A Building for your Community is a free online series of shared information, ideas, questions and answers surrounding community-led built asset development. The series is designed for community members, groups and organisations looking to learn how to best approach the transformation and improvement

Tiny Coronavirus Stories: ‘I never wanted to be here again’

By Caridad Svich, Cecil Castellucci, Gary Garrison, Sally Moss Reader-submitted stories of the COVID-19 pandemic, in no more than 100 words. Read past stories here. Submit your own here. WINDOW this is how it started the rush of feeling the quick disdain the aching bleeding thingness of being seeping through all, all this now is different, deferred, but here, and in

New films from VeloCommunities embedded artist project released!

During this year’s Earth Day Week, we’re excited to share five short films created during the VeloCommunities embedded artist project – celebrating inspiring stories of community-led action on climate change in Glasgow. Last year we supported theatre-maker Lewis Hetherington and filmmaker Geraldine Heaney to work with Glasgow cycling charity Bike for Good and produce a film about VeloCommunities.

Opportunity: micro-residencies for visual artists

TONIC ARTS, part of Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation, seeks seven visual artists for a unique series of micro-residency opportunities in response to COVID-19. TONIC ARTS is a vibrant, award-winning programme that creatively enhances the healthcare environment of NHS Lothian, UK. They are currently seeking visual artists to create new work documenting observations, experiences, reflections

DEADLINE MAY 31 for ecoconsciousness CALL FOR ARTISTS

eco consciousness is the thematic of the inaugural ecoartspace online juried show for our artist and art professional membership levels. The show will be blind juried by Eleanor Heartney, distinguished New York art critic and author. Approximately 100 works will be selected for exhibition. Three billboard awards will be given to artists whose work will be presented in

Tiny Coronavirus Stories: ‘The gaps feel smaller’

By Grace Gelder, Kristina Hakanson, Madeline Snow Typadis, Mark Rigney Reader-submitted stories of the COVID-19 pandemic, in no more than 100 words. Read past stories here. Submit your own here. A CENTURY LATER, WE UNDERSTAND Her grandchildren complained when their YiaYia nagged them to wear a sweater and socks, even in the summer. “You’ll get cold,” “be careful,” and “stay home,”

Happy Ecosystems by sparklebliss

Collect and complete ecosystem sets while learning about connections in nature. Happy Ecosystems is appropriate for players ages 7 and up and is intended for groups of 2-6 players. The game includes facts about 10 endangered or threatened animals and the plants, animals, and environmental factors they depend on for survival. It introduces concepts of interdependence, adaptation,

Tiny Coronavirus Stories: ‘What will the next generation say?’

By Carol Devine, Jack Mapstone, Julia Levine, Melissa Kaplan  Reader-submitted stories of the COVID-19 pandemic, in no more than 100 words. Read past stories here. Submit your own here. GROWTH This morning I was working for a long-time client, an elderly widowed woman. A breezy, uneasy day. Usually embraced by a hug and a “glad to have you back,” today I

Opportunity: Call for environmentalists, artists, campaigners, and creatives

We’re looking for proposals for creative online events connecting the arts and environmentalism to be run during social distancing as part of our Green Tease programme. These events would be micro-funded by and organised in collaboration with us, Creative Carbon Scotland.   Green Tease is a community and events programme organised by Creative Carbon Scotland exploring interactions between environmentalism and the arts. Since the outbreak of coronavirus

The virus speaks pt 2

By Chrisfremantle The virus is driving adaptation and the priorities are quickly becoming apparent. Three pieces published in the past 24 hours provide an insight into the issues. On the one hand Nesta’s blog There will be no ‘back to normal’ which highlights aspects of normal which may be ‘gone’. One of the recurring themes is the tension

Wild Authors: Loranne Vella

By Mary Woodbury Today, we travel to Malta with Loranne Vella to discuss her award-winning novel Rokit (Merlin Publishers, 2017). It’s 2064, and the European continent is disintegrating: walls are up, and communication structures are down. A car crash in Croatia leaves Rika Dimech, world famous fractal photographer, dead. Her 21-year old nephew, Petrel Dimech, the war

#ArtOpps Sustainability First Art Prize

The corona pandemic is currently affecting every area of peoples’ lives across the globe. As we emerge from the crisis, how do we ensure a sustainable recovery – which balances economic, social and environmental wellbeing? Sustainability First is launching an Art Prize to invite original, radical ideas and visions in response to the question ‘How do we

Coleman and Hodges:  MOON – WATER – DUST,  Residency at the Bamboo Curtain Studio

By Chrisfremantle Jo Hodges and Robbie Coleman, artists with a social practice based in rural Dumfries and Galloway, tell us about the residency they undertook at the Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taiwan in September and October 2019. Using food as well as walking as means of exploring, they provide an insight into the political and environmental context. They

Wild Authors: Rick Hodges

By Mary Woodbury For this post, we travel back to the continent of Africa, this time with author Rick Hodges; we talk about his visits to Kenya and his new novel To Follow Elephants (Stormbird Press, March 2019).  ABOUT THE NOVEL To Follow Elephants is an enchanting coming-of-age story that switches back and forth among its main characters

Tiny Coronavirus Stories: ‘Care for the space between us’

By Alex Wakim, David Vasquez, Tessa Gordziejko, Zosia Dowmunt  Reader-submitted stories of the COVID-19 pandemic, in no more than 100 words. Read past stories here. Submit your own here. PILLOW, BLANKET AND MATTRESS I love quarantine. I am doing yoga, cooking new recipes, talking to friends more often, jerking off at the slightest contact with myself, washing dishes non-stop, learning about

The virus speaks

By Chrisfremantle In Tim Morton’s highly recommended ‘We’re doomed‘ on BBC R4 he speaks to George Monbiot about needing to accept circumstances, in Monbiot’s case that his cancer was part of him. It doesn’t mean that Monbiot doesn’t talk about the excellent care he received from the NHS or the reality that the cancer could have killed him,

Cultural Adaptations Conference postponed

Dates for the international Cultural Adaptations conference have been changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference, which aims to share the learnings from the Creative Europe-funded project over three days of presentations, workshops and networking, will now take place from 2nd to 4th March 2021. Cultural Adaptations is a Creative Europe project, led by Creative