Joan Jonas: Moving Off the Land review in Artillery magazine

Read a review of   Moving Off the Land,  a performance by Joan Jonas  at Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture on January 19th by ecoartspace founder,  Patricia Watts,   HERE. ———- ecoartapace ecoartspace is a nonprofit platform providing opportunities for artists who address the human/nature relationship in the visual arts. Since 1999 they

A New Narrative for Landscape Photography in the Anthropocene

by Virginia Hanusik The landscape you grow up in influences how you see and move through the world. At least that holds true for me. I spent most of my life in rural New York where I was lucky to develop an understanding of the unbalanced relationship between people and the natural environment at an early

News: Festivals and Tours turn travel CO2 into Solar for Schools

Energy Revolution balances 3 million travel miles from 2018 festivals & tours with Solar for Schools Energy Revolution is a charity with a mission to help the live events industry tackle the negative environmental impacts from fossil fuel travel to events. In 2018, it helped its members, from a growing number of festivals and their audiences,

About Snails, Extinction and Hope

by Yasmine Ostendorf Apparently a lot of people experience this: you get ill the moment the holidays kick in. It happened to me this Christmas and for this reason, I missed my deadline for the New Year’s What Gives You Hope? article published on Artists and Climate Change on December 31, 2018. Nevertheless the posed question

Port Mone Trio

by Joan Sullivan To kick off the third year of our monthly renewable energy series, I’m delighted to introduce our readers to Port Mone Trio, the award-winning Belarusian instrumental trio whose upcoming third album Whisper was recorded entirely onsite of two utility-scale renewable energy projects in Belarus: a 9 MW wind farm near the village of

Three Marias

by Megan McClain The photograph was faded, but the spirit of the figure it contained was bright. A Puerto Rican woman with dark hair and a knowing smile seemed to defy her two-dimensional state as she was passed around the group at Superhero Clubhouse’s December Salon meeting. The picture was of Maria, Fellow Shy Richardson’s grandmother

The Possibility of Generative Futures Through Embodied Practice

by Annalisa Dias In June 2018, I had the privilege to attend the Theatre in the Age of Climate Change convening hosted by HowlRound. It was a full weekend. While I was there I was grateful to reconnect with Jayeesha Dutta, who is a fierce advocate, artist, and cultural organizer. She and I first met while organizing for

Theatre’s Part in the Quest to Save Public Land

by Ashley Teague  Making Theatre Off the Grid My organization, Notch Theatre Company, seeks to engage communities that our brick and mortar theatres are not reaching—connecting in their neighborhoods, in their language, and around the issues that matter to them. Our nation seems stalled in an ever-polarizing inability to engage in productive dialogue, and I believe this requires

OPPORTUNITY: ‘HUMANS TREATING E-WASTE IN INDIA’ Documentary filmmaker looking for partners

We are looking for collaborators for a Documentary made on E-waste Workers in New Delhi, India. New Delhi becomes the hub of e-waste collection and dumping ground for the entire country. Not only the country waste, but it is also being imported from outside countries. Dealing with e-Waste Over 95% of e-waste generated is managed

Artist Commission: Your Point – External treatment and internal wayfinding

The Point, owned and managed by Eastleigh Borough Council is undertaking an Arts Council Funded Small Capital grant programme called Your Point throughout 2019. As part of this refurbishment and transformation, one of the strands of work is to light up the building from the outside making it more visible to visitors, audience and place


Danielle Eubank’s 20-year quest to visit and paint the waters of every ocean on Earth will be complete in early 2019, when she ventures to Antarctica. This, the Southern Ocean, will be Eubank’s fifth and final ocean to visit and will cap her decades-long quest to paint every ocean on the planet, hence the name of her project: One Artist Five

Using Art to Empower Climate Action

by Susan Israel I began thinking about using public art to engage people on climate issues in 2008. I was late to the party of climate artists, but not as late as the general public. I was practicing architecture at the time, and trying to build a green practice when I realized that I could offer

‘Connected by a Thread’

Arts Territory Exchange Residency in Sustainable Practice. Submitted by Gudrun Filipska The ARTS TERRITORY EXCHANGE is an organisation which facilitates creative exchange across borders and works with artists in remote locations and those whose work explores ideas of place, territory and environment. ATE’s work involves the pairing up of Artist’s across the world in creative

An Interview with Artist and Writer Susan Hoffman Fishman

I hope you and your loved ones are having a peaceful beginning of the year.  This month, I’m thrilled to share a fascinating interview. Meet Susan Hoffman Fishman, an artist, painter, and writer whose work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States. Her latest projects focus on the threat of sea-level rise,

Poet Tyree Daye Writes on Ancestors, Floods, and Justice

Joining us in The Art House this month is North Carolina poet Tyree Daye. Tyree weaves together stories and voices from his family. He artistically expresses the collective trauma they have experienced and the deep insights passed down. Rivers, water, and flooding continually come up in his book of poetry titled River Hymns. Tyree talks about his poetry and reads both excerpts from the

Guest Blog: Local perspectives on a global phenomenon & global changes in local places (Part III)

In the final blog of a three part series contemporary artist and researcher Sonia Mehra Chawla writes about the research she undertook in Aberdeen in June 2018 to inform an upcoming residency with Edinburgh Printmakers. Local perspectives on a global phenomenon & global changes in local places – Talking about ‘scales’ and the urgency of

OPPORTUNITY: The 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition

34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition—Opens on February 5th, 2019 Agora Gallery is pleased to invite artists from across the globe to enter the 34th Annual Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Selected artists will receive prizes and opportunities that will grant invaluable exposure, boost recognition, and promote career growth. The 2019 competition awards are valued

News: Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents: Ice Culture

Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents: Ice Culture features art, music and literature. Black Coffee & Vinyl Presents: Ice Culture explores the beauty and mystery of our world’s ice, and reveals the necessity of ice to our human survival. The project explores the traditions and cultures of people connected to ice from the Arctic Circle to

The Birth of a Climate Commons for Theatre and Performance

by Lanxing Fu On a weekend in June, I sat in a blackbox theatre for three days with a group of mostly strangers. We talked. We ate. We laughed. We challenged. We listened. I heard the same refrain over and over again those three days. Wow, I’m so happy to be with others for once. It’s

OPPORTUNITY: CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS! Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism

Proposals for 20-minute contributions for Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism. The event: Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism Glasgow Women’s Library Saturday 30th March 2019 10am-4pm Global ecological activism is built on the work of women. Yet the value of women’s environmental campaigning and action often remains invisible. Our Space, Our Place: Creating Ecofeminism,